Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Jan 1 2020


We had our annual touch rugby game and chilli contest and set numerous records.  Among them we had the most participants with 35 and the most chillies entered with 9.Thanks to all those who came out and especially the chilliers which made the day a success.
I know if you count them there is only 8 (one was in the kitchen)
 It was a chilly day (weather) and quite cold in the wind.There was a little bit of snow and a bit of a crust but underneath it was muddy.
A few contemplated their attendance in the future.

It was cool so most dressed warmly

like these spectators

and these spectators

some came in shorts (actually only two)
and some in less than that. 
and one dog
We had to split up into two games.

We only had one female playing

oops that is from 2010
Back in 2010 we had a campaign to get rugby into the winter olympics but it did not work.
This is 2020

Joe brought the best chili (according to the judges)
Jon Millington won in 2010
Welcome to 2020 from the New Years's Baby(someone took my camera again)

We have had 58, 394 all time hits with 20,500 from Canada, 9,000 from the U.S. and 8,500 from Russia, I bet we get more from Russia after the above picture. 

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