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Club Dinner 2019 (in 2020)

Club Dinner for 2019 (January 11, 2020)
Future Gentlemen practicing their binds last year

Our generic award for every category 

Once again we were a little late in delivering the club dinner for 2019 but in our fashion it happened. We had about 35 show up for an exciting evening of suspense, self congratulations and  socialization (the non-political kind).. 
We want to thank Vic, Erin, Chris, Isobel, John, Lindsay, Joe, Jake, Dean and everyone else who had a hand in producing the meal.  Martin and Laura of Naked Acres Grain-fed Meats donated much of the meat and it was Vic who cooked it all and delivered it hot.  We had a meal for the Super Bowl from the leftovers.
This year our old boy's table, which passes for royalty here, was made up of Paul Rohner, Wayne Scobie, Bill Stabler, Jim Van Roon (ended up at 566 in Hat Trick Hockey - he was beaten by Frank Shilte (77) who was beaten by his daughter (58).  If you don't know what Hat Trick Hockey is then you don't hang around Grimsby enough. Kirk Stevens made his first appearance at one of our dinners (at least in the last 15 years). Honorary old boys were Adam Meehan who signed for Oakville and Kyle Wilson of Burlington who both played some games with us this year.

Josh Thompson joined the club in the spring after playing for GSS (a former Grimsby flag player) and got his first yellow card in his first game. (Likely not a record but we don't actually keep records) and  Josh gets the Miss Congeniality (since James Vinneau who won it the last four years.did not play any games) .Josh worked on his game all season (which means he came to practice a lot) and he played really well.  Josh earns gets the Junior Player of the Year. award. Sorry for the focus in the picture Josh - you must have had too much to drink.We actually don't lets juniors drink but we give them an empty glass. 


Laughlin Hill is our 2019 Rookie of the Year. He played at Blessed Trinity and make a trip with the school to play in New Zealand. He was a fullback mainly and played in the fall at Conestoga College.

A rookie not a junior - he can have a drink.
   The ,most improved player of the year went to Ryan Montgomery who developed into an exciting player and gave out a lot of punishment when he ran.   Ryan could not make the dinner but here he is at tight head with his father, Jeff at scrum half.


The awards committee looked at several players for the Player of the Year and of the many considered two stood out as being very deserving and because the awards committee is wishy-washy they decided to name two members for the award. One of those players played gingerly at the start of the season (coming back from injury) but soon got back into his stride and was named as player of the match several times by the other teams because of skill and talent. This was of course Dean Crozier (Kiwi) who came back after two years from an injury.  The other player had a great season for the team as he scored 17 of our 41 tries and with his kicking duties scored 151 of the 277 scored by the team or (55%). In the final game against Hamilton he scored all 24 of our points. Always a threat to score from anywhere Daniel Prentice-Chowen is a repeat winner in this category from last season. 

Shared Players of the Year honours Dan and Dean
Dean was a Master of the Game of Throwins
 (except this one which we will blame on the thrower)
 We wanted a storage ashed built and when we asked around Jake said "I'm Italian and I can build it" and so he did.  Jake came back to the club after four years away (at school in Peterborough) and made a great impression on and off the field.  Jake D'Achille was named Clubman of the Year (and also elected to the committee- that's what happens when you show any sense of responsibility. . 


His creation

post paint
Traditionally the last official award is the Deer's Rear, which if you have been around the club and paying attention goes to the player that does something not accepted a good rugby on the field. Dan Prentice-Chowen was nominated because one of our games got switched to a Thursday and even though Dan was at the game he could not play.  (We got Glaan Butler to fill in).  Dan went home a got his stuff and played the second half and the reason he did not want to play was because he had gotten a large tattoo on his arm that day and it hurt. It was pointed out that this episode did not really take place on the field of play and therefore did not meet the criteria. So although it was a good attempt Dan was disqualified and we gave the award to Dan Prentice-Chowen who in the Brooker Cup game against Niagara tried to get the ball past the defender by droping the ball to his left side and kicking with his right foot (you had to see it) and it did not work as his left leg was in the way.
Dan trying to give me a single finger salute. 
We announced that we had added two players to our change-room walls of fame. 

Pete VanRyn was a tight head prop and played for the club from 1883 to 1988.  In later years he helped in the remodeling of the clubhouse. Pete passed in February 2009.

 Dirk Reichow played for the club between 2011 and 2018 at lock and was a member of the executive for 5 years as secretary.  Although often beset with injury problems, Dirk was a very dedicated player and administrator. Dirk and family moved to Nova Scotia last summer. (see next blog)

Thanks Dirk
 Overall we had a good year with many exciting wins (after the first two games) and a number of new and younger players. Hopefully we build on this next season unless something unforeseen comes along.

A great night was had by all with lots of fun.  However sophisticated humour ( like Game of Throw-ins) is lost on rugby players and all they want to do is to drink and get naked.               

Don't ask

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