Friday, January 3, 2020

New Executive (well some new) elected November 4th 2019

We had an AGM on November 4th at the clubhouse with a quorum.  We spoke about our last year which was better than the last two seasons especially on the playing field.  We moved to a different division as Norfolk's second team and it seemed to work very well for us and we got a number of good younger players back playing with us. (if you  want the minutes we will send them to you.
We had elections:

President: Bill Stuart (same old) acclaimed
Secretary: Chris Atkinson
Treasurer: Erin Stuart
Club Manager: Derrick Weber (new)
Social Secretary (two persons are doing this file) Nick Lord and Jake D'Achille (new)
Fixtures (and we have added a Social Media responsibility): Will George (new)
Junior Manager: Dean Crozier is going to help out John Fraser
Clubhouse Manager: Myron Jurychuk will help Brendan Vorstenbosch.

New Year's Touch Game and Chilli Challenge.

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