Friday, September 17, 2010

St. Catharines away (home); Week Fourteen

Brooker Cup Result for 2010

Grimsby Gentlemen 0: St. Catharines Tigers 0

Referee: Scott Flemming ***
(in a fog)

Venue: Alway School Field

This is from the field looking at the clubhouse about 20 min before the game.

Weather: Wet, foggy and dark. (British Rugby Weather)

Attendance: Not the 500 expected, many must have got lost in the fog.

We had a few ladies in attendance who must have lost a bet.

And Frank who must have lost a fight.

And Martin who was just lost.

And Andy who was lost in the fog.

President's Report:

So to explain this all quickly, St. Catharines won the Brooker Cup last year and got the right to defend it this year at home. However their field at Ridley College was taken away from them and so they wanted to do it Thursday night at Ridley instead. We agreed but at the last moment they took away the field at Ridley again. So it had to be played as St. Catharine's home game at the Grimsby field.

And of course it had to be a rainy day with lots of fog. No wonder our attendance is down, we come up with a boring no score tie game. This means that St. Catharines retains the cup, (I made the rule up last time there was a tie and could not change it this time) and will defend it again next year.

We actually had two subs on the sideline and it was wonderful that Nathan and Bob thought it was more important to play rugby with Grimsby rather than do their job which was to attend a grade 9 parents night. What is even better is that they managed to persuade a vice-principle the same thing.

We did not have time to get a license for a beer up at the clubhouse, so we went to the Depot but St. Catharines must have gotten lost in the fog and did not show up. There are rumors that one player was roaming in the back fields for several hours, having been separated from the group.

Team: Jeremy Young, Dylan Kinch, Jon Millington, Bob Mavro, Dean Gibson, Martin Van Der Hurk, Kevin Cooper, Phil Sullivan, Jon Jeske, Derrick Weber (C), Vic Blaney, Alex Millar, Jamie Scully, Mark, Nick Lemieux.

Nick lasted one play so Nathan Rowbottom came as prop, Jeremy to lock, Bob moved to flank and Martin went to winger.
At sixty minutes, Kyle Wilson came on at lock for Dean Gibson

Captain's Report:

What can you say about a 0-0 tie except that my defensive systems worked perfectly. My offensive systems not so much. Although we played mostly in our end it was not inside our 22 very often and the first actual threat came in the middle of the second half when St. Catharines took a long penalty which overmatched the kicker. In the last twenty we spend some time deep in their end and had one kick at goal which went wide. We had a couple of lineouts and scrums on their 5 m line but could not get it across. Thanks to Mark and Kevin, who played their first game for Grimsby, we actually had 17 players for the game.

Coaches Man of the Match: Vic Blaney for his straight ahead running and crushing tackles.

Thus the season endth, not with a bang but a wash.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wilmot Away: Week Thirteen

Grimsby Gentlemen 0: Wilmot Warthogs 36

Referee: Eric Ciezar ***

Venue: Waterloo Oxford District Secondary School

Weather: cooler that our last bunch of games around 20 degrees with little humidity (expect the boys to run better)

Attendance: 1 (Jes as seen below)

And she wasn't actually watching the game but studying.

President's Report:

Well the wish that they would have lost a lot of good players to university, was just that. They were the same as us and only lost one. The good news is that Wilmot is getting older and looking more like us as a club. But of course we are much better looking.

We started with fourteen as per usual but really hoped for fifteen. Wilmot, against the wind, had most of the ball and scored after 10 min just before our fifteenth player arrived. Wilmot scored again at 20 min. Then we had a burst of rugby which kept us within 15 m of their goal for about 10 min. However we could not put one across. The closest was a 40 m penalty attempt. A turnover and poor coverage ended with them making a long run stopped by Webs. The half wended with Wilmot scoring again with Kyle off injured and Webs on the ground injured.

Half time score Grimsby Gentlemen 0: Warthogs 21

The second half was similar except we played most of it with fourteen players. Offensively Wilmot had more ball and more push, defensively Wilmot had good coverage and put us on our back foot for most of the time.

Final Score Grimsby Gentlemen 0: Warts 36

Team: Nathan Rowbottom, Dylan Kinch, Jon Millington, Scotty Walker, Jeremy Young, Bob Mavro, Dean Gibson, Kyle Wilson, Jon Jeske, Derrick Weber, Alex Millar, Martin Van Den Hurk, Jamie Scully, Nick Lemieux.

Coach's Report:

After the hot, humid weather we played in for much of the summer, I expected a burst of energy from the players but maybe I have been watching the university boys too much and we looked slow out there. We did run our patterns a couple of times but we were slow to set up. Bring on St. Catharines.

Coach's man of the match: Nick Lemieux for a number of big hits on some big bodies.

Michael has complained that I write too much and he has to scroll down and he gets out of breath. He thinks it is because I think that no one really reads me (except 5) and so I ramble. I think it is because I am putting in more pictures. Hope you don't hurt your arm Mike.

From under the willow:
Bob made two punts in the game, one of which actually cleared the zone and was not returned. Stick to running with the ball Bob.

Webs has more stitches.

If Kyle had known about the nurse at the start of the game, he might not have lasted through the kickoff.

Nice ball

Nice mall

Nice wall

Nice place

Nice ruck

Nice lift

Nice team

Nice team as they all look up my shorts. (And they call me the voyeur)