Monday, May 28, 2018

Crusaders at Home

After a poor season last year the writer of this blog took some time off but is back (we think)  to report obn the goings on of the club..  I will catch up on some things that have happened since last year later. This is the first game of the 42nd season since Grimsby Gentlemen started in 1977.

Grimsby Gentlemen 33: Oakville Crusaders IV 59 (or something like that)

Venue:  the hallowed grounds of Alway School - kick off at 3:00

Referee:  Steve Scott

Weather: Warm 28 degrees (feel like 32) a bit breezey especially when you were playing into it in the second half

Attendance:  we drank one and a half kegs, so whatever that works out to.

Ball sponsored by Wayne Hoskins of Bedwas Wales (I think we used the same ball the whole game - usually we loose one in the undergrowth and we find it next winter)

Team:  At 9:00 in the morning we had 10 players registered but with traditional last minute suspense we managed to field exactly 15 by game time.

1. Nick Lord ,2. Sean Inglis (first game with Grimsby), 3. Chris Atkinson. 4. Martin Van Den Hurk, 5. Thomas Davis (first game with Grimsby men - at Blessed Trinity High School, 6. Brenden Vorstenbosch 7. John Fraser, 8. Evan Brundatge, 9. Daniel Prentice-Chowen (Blessed Trinity high school player), 10. Ben Jeske, 11. Joe Sanders, 12. Glenn Butler (Blessed Trinity player - first game with Grimsby men, 13. Cameron Ruys, 14. James Vienneau, 15. Gehard Swart (first game for Grimsby and from South Africa. (no subs)

Ten of these players did not play for the club two years ago. so it has been a bit of a turnover in the last couple of years..

Gehard (Gerry)Swart

Glenn Butler (18 points)
Thomas Davis (had a couple of nice runs)

Sean Inglis
We started well with a great kick off by Glenn which was knocked on by Cru and we kept it alive so that Dan could pick and go from a couple of meters out to score the first try at about 3 minutes.  Glenn converted.  Oakville had a stronger pack and pushed us around in the scrums and rucks and they eventually scored at about ten minutes.  Oakville was looking good with timely offloads and although we were making tackles they scored converted tries at 17 min and 25 minutes. We came  back  within one try when Glenn touched down at about 32 minutes but the Cru managed to work the ball into our end and scored another try off a quick tap at about 35 minutes.

 Half time score Grimsby Gentlemtn 14 and Oakville Crusaders 28

We had a couple of injuries (no subs remember) so Oakville eventually gave us a couple of forwards. Oakville scored again at 45 min and 55 min.  Dan picked off an errant pass and ran 60 meters for our third try and Glenn scored again at about 70 min withh Nick touching down at 72 min. Glenn made all the conversions except the last one which was at a difficult angle. Meanwhile the Cru scored at 65min, 67 min and one more at 75 min. Their kicker only missed one convert.

The game ended with some argey-bargey but generally it was a good first game for us against an experienced bunch of players. Glenn Butler was picked by the Cru as man of the match.

Our caped argee-barger (nice 'stach)

We scored 33 points with Glenn getting 18 points and Dan getting 10.  We might have had a couple more except for the slippery ball.

Dan going for a run with Glenn in support

Dan's grandparents checking out his play.

Glenn adding the points after
 We need to get a few more players out to practice as we are not fit nor do we know the systems.

The brain trust

We hung these in the visitor's changeroom for a bit of a psychological edge. 

The infirmary

Next game is a surprise as London does not seem to have a third team and we have been invited by Niagara to play against a Welsh touring side from  Nelson in Wales. They will be good but it will be hot for them and they will be very hungover (not like us)