Saturday, May 29, 2010

Windsor at home: Week One

Grimsby Gentlemen 22: Windsor 20

Ref: Scott Flemming (thank God)

Weather: turned out to be a great day

Attendance: Should have had all Grimsby there but did not make 500
Presidents Report:

Not many of the veterans could remember the last time we beat Windsor and those put it in the distant past before the Grimsby renewal. So it was a great come from behind win (we were down 15 -3 at the half), came back to tie, down by a try with 10 minutes to go but score and convert with three minutes in the game. Exciting stuff. Well done boys. Thanks to Bob for the beer up and Frank for the set up.

Team: Nathan Robottom, Dylan Kinch, Jon Millington, Scott Walker, Dean Gibson, Martin Van Den Hurk(a special welcome back after several years), Vic Blaney, Kyle Wilson, Jon Jesky, Derrick Weber(C), Jamie Scully, Alex Stevenson, Bob Mavro, Frank Dela Fortuna, Nick Lemieux, with Alex Millar coming on at 30 minutes and Tyler comming on at half.

Coaches Report:

When I woke up this morning I thought I had thirteen players for a home game which did not look good for the season. Then Dean phoned and said he would play and when I got to the field, Frank, said he would play if needed but had a bad wrist and should not. Then Alex Millar said he could make it but would be late and Tyler showed up to play. Sunshine everywhere except we still had to play Windsor who we have not beaten for a longish time (no one can really remember when).

We scored first with a penalty by Dylan after 5 min but at about 25 min we turned over a ball in their end and a quick kick down field resulted in a Windsor score. Difficulty handling the kicked ball resulted in two more scores and with some injuries we it looked like it could be more of the same in the second half.

However at half time, the forwards realized they could take control and did not want to quit and wanted the ball in the tight. We played most of the second half in their end. A drive at the lineout led to Dean putting the ball down in the endzone and Derrick converted to get us close. A nice charging try by Nathan and a missed convert resulted in a tie score with about 20 min to go. We seemed to be able to dominate in the forwards. However Windsor had some life in them with a deserved try after an amazing tackle by Derrick in the endzone on their player to keep the ball from touching down. However Grimsby did not seem to lose confidence and urged on by Frank Shilte managed to set up a great try by Vic which led to a conversion by Derrick and an unlikely come from behind two point win.

A lot of players stepped up and played hard even though we were down by a lot. Well done.


Dean 1 T, Nathan 1 T, Vic 1 T, Dylan 1 P, Derrick 2 G





Coaches man of the match: Prop Nathan Rowbottom (scored his first try for Grimsby and survived the ass burning better than most.

Frank's Top Three Tackles (from a man who doesn't tackle)

1. Dean's try saver on the wing at about 10 m out. (Dean says if you avoid enough rucks, someone will run into you)

2. Nick's mid-field tackle.

3. Alex S.'s quasi legal hit (the ref did not call it) on his opposing number.

Other teams pick for man of the match: Dylan Kinch (who let us down on the chug)

Heard from under the Willow:

Loved the retro kit

Wow! Looking good

Turned a corner

Flip was generous

Go Dad, Yeah Dad

Get off the touch line

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tony Brooker Memorial Game

On May 15 we held a memorial game for Tony Brooker at Alway and raised some funds for diabetes research. Tony's family was able to make it.

Along with some former players

and friends

This watching is serious business and Frankie actually has his mouth closed.

But not for long.

Some rugby was played.

And a nice picture after a friendly handshake. We actually won captain.