Monday, May 25, 2009

Beamsville High School

Congratulations to Frank Schilte and Chris Brown with help from Bill Stuart on the success of their girl's rugby team "The Bucs" in winning SOSSA. They have been invited to attend OFSSA (the Ontario high school championships) in Belleville from June 1 to 3. Good luck Ladies.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 23 vs Wilmot

President's Report

Grimsby Gentlemen 3, Wilmot Warthogs 19
Ref: Tony Kearsley
Attendance: 521

After a hectic week of trying to get enough players registered to play, the first league game of the season took place at the fields at Alway Hall and Wilmot came away with a deserved 19 -3 win. It was a great day with only a little wind and the first 3:00 start in a long time. The Gentlemen were missing a few players and therefore only had one subsitute and an injury to that person soon after being substituted early in the second half, eliminated him.

We began off the boil as it were, and were kept in our half for the first twenty minutes although they did not seem to threaten. At a half an hour in, a quick Wilmot wing scored an unconverted try. Score at half Wilmot 5, Grimsby 0.

One substitute at half (Stuart was injured and Chris came back on, thanks Wilmot. At eighteen minutes in, Dylan had a successful penalty kick from the 22 about 15m in. Then 7 minutes later Wilmot, with the heavier pack, pushed the scrum a few times and combined a few missed tackles led to a try under the posts which was converted. Seven minutes after that with Grimsby tiring a high kick with a bad bounce led to a third Wilmot try under the posts. Final 19 - 3.

Team: Mark Hall, Dylan Kinch, Jon Millington, Kyle Wilson (PL), Dean Gibson, Joel Leonard, Bob Mavro, Vic Blaney, Kevin Erb, Andy Breuls, Chris Sears, Mike Stuart, Alex Stevenson, Alex Millar, Frank Schilte (C) Sub: Stuart English

Scorers: Dylan Kinch (penalty)

As usual, the social part of the day was well done by Bob and thanks to Tori for working behind the bar and Martin Wolf for manning the BBQ. Mark brought his theodolite? and engineered the lines on the field, with the help of Kyle, Eli, Milli and Bill. Except for the score and late players annoying the coach, a good first start. Nice to see the Wilsons with Ben at his first rugby game.

Coaches Report:

We had a slow start due to players arriving late and seem to be on the back foot for most of the game, as we never really threatened to score a try. As a small club, nothing can be sorted out beforehand without all the players there and ready. We must arrive on time for warm up and pre-game organization especially if there are low numbers at practice. We have introduced significant changes in our play and this was the first time using them and obviously need some work. I found a few players hiding in the ruck and not getting out fast enough both and defensively. The flat line needs to be more organized and players need to look up, not ball watch. We were pushed in the scrum a bit but lineouts were generally effective. We will have to see if the ELV's are used in the next game. The centers did well driving foreward but we were slow to the ruck and often had difficulty with holding the ruck (poor body position). The last try was a good kick (we did not put on pressure)for Wilmot and a bad bounce for Grimsby. Overall it was a good first game, and if the players want, a great deal to work with.

Coaches' man of the match: Kyle Wilson
Wilmot's choice of man of the match: Mike Stuart
Our choice was Wilmot's captain and #10

Next Week: The Brooker Cup 3:00 at Alway Hall Field