Monday, August 12, 2019

Hamilton at Home

Game left over from May 11th  when the weather and ground was a lot wetter.

Grimsby Gentlemen 24: Hamilton Hornets 17

Venue: Nice dry Alway Park

Weather: about 25 degrees

Referee: Ian Stewart's favourite son Glenn and Assistant Referee Scott


Attendance:  A host of a multitude or maybe a bit less

And this was only one side
James  Vienneau on the sideline for the first time this year; this will be the first time in ten years he and his stash has not received at least a yellow card in a season. 

Dai Rhys Jones and Chris Roden Here to cheer on Grimsby (I think).  Chris has had his picture in the blog even more than some of us


1) Ryan Montgomery (80 min), (2) Brendan Vorstenbosch  (80 min), (3) Jon Millington (80 min), (4) Martin Van der Hurk (80 min ), (5) Kyle Wilson (80 min) (6) John Frasier (20 min + an hour at the hospital - he was back before the end of the game), (7) Dean Crozier (80 min) , (8) Nick Lord (60 min), (9) Joe Faint (40 min)  10) Derrick Weber (80 min) , (11) Josh Thompson (80 min), (12) Will George (C) (80 min), (13) Dan Prentice-Chowen (40 min and 40 at center), 14) Joe Sanders (80 min) , 15) Laughlin Hill (80 min), 16)  Myron Jurychuck (60 min at flank), 17) Tuan  Vo (40 min at hooker),18) Brendan  (40 min at touch judge and 40 min at center) 19: Tim Sullivan (60 min in chair and 20 min at center.
Tim (out of chair)

The Good, the Bad and the Rugby

I was going to keep track of knock ons and lost balls but I got to one and then I forgot. Both teams did well in the first five minutes until Dan intercepted one of their passes in the center at about the fifty,touched down and converted. At about twenty minutes John caused a player to smack him in the head and get a yellow card.  John went off to get stitches and  was back before the end of the game probably thanks to the new health networks set up by Grimsby the conservative government.  (Every one must think the hospital is closed so no one goes anymore)
Lost count of the stiches
We did what we usually do in situations when the other team is down a player we move the ball quickly from side to side , kick the ball out of bounds and let them score,  When then the player came back on and we let them score again so at the end of the half we had Hamilton exactly where we wanted them.

Half time Grimsby Gentlemen 7: Hamilton Hornets 12

At 45 minutes Dan gets a nice breakaway and run to a touch down and does the conversion..
At 55 minutes Dan kicks a penalty and at 65 minutes Webs makes a partial break, off loads to Will who makes a long run and offloads to Dan for the try under the posts. Being good hosts we let Hamilton score at 80 minutes.

Final Score Daniel Prentice-Chowen 24: Hamilton Hornets 17

We have not failed to notice that Dan Prentice-Chowen is a scoring machine (guess who Hamilton picked as man of the match).  We also noticed that we have won the last couple of games without Vic Blaney on the team.  It has been along time since that has happened.  We kicked six balls into the bush and we do not have any yet.

End of the Season after 10 games (9 actually) we have a 6 and 4 record (losses in the first two games (both away) and  two losses to Niagara).  I count that unplayed game against Fergus as a win since it was never played (they did not have a ref) and they call it as a win (their only win of the season) and we beat them in the one game- or at least a tie.  No matter what, we ended up in fourth place in the Niagara A2 division which seems to be a good for a turnaround season.. 

Tats of the Team

We3 are resurrecting a popular feature of the blog:  Tattoos of members of the club.

Next week we have a family day with the final flag kids tournament in the morning and we are challenging Burlington to a game of rugby and the winner can say they are the best place in Canada to live) and a pig roast in the evening.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Fergus at home

Grimsby Gentlemen 36: Fergus Highland 21

Venue: The fields of Alway Park in  Grimsby

Weather:Nice night for an evening game (start at 7:15) about 24 degrees.

Referee: A special appearance by Bob Mavrothalassitis straight off the plane from Cuba where he up graded his Spanish because we are used to spanish speaking referees)

Bob is in blue (good job)
Attendance: Once again somewhere between 20 and 600.

special guests Chris Roden and Nigel Thorne from Hamilton checking out the new patio fence
Caddy enjoying the game with his friends


1) Chris Atkinson (77 min), (2) Tuan Vo (60 min), (3) Jon Millington (77 min), (4) Ryan Montgomery (77 min - 17 at prop), (5) Kyle Wilson (47 min) (6) John Frasier (40 min), (7) Dean Crozier (77 min) , (8) Adam Mehan (77 min), (9) Joe Faint (40 min)  10) Glenn Butler (a surprise) (30 min at 10 and 47 at 13) , (11) Josh Thompson (47 min), (12) Will George (C) (77 min), (13) Sean Fraser (30 min: injured), 14) Joe Sanders (77 min) , 15) Laughlin Hill (77 min), 16)  Martin Van Den Hurk (37 min at lock), 17)(wearing 22) Nick Lemieux (30 min at wing (injured),,18) Jake d'Achille (37 min at 10), 19: Derrick Weber (10 min at 10 and 37 at flanker) ,20) Dan Prentice-Chowen (37 min) listed at the start of the game as unavailable because of tattoos but came on in the second half because he could and doesn't like watching.
We missed Brendan and Nick Lord as they were working.
We got Glenn Butler our Canadian under 20 player (he is playing sevens for the Canadian Mis-fits i in Utah (this is a kind of warm up) on the long weekend. Glenn was home from RMC this weekend and wanted to play but our game was on Thursday and that was his grandmother's birthday (Happy Birthday Grandma) and he could not make it.  However if you eat fast you can get to the game.  Dan (our leading scorer who was listed as unavailable at the start of the game because of tattoos) went home and got his cleats so he could play with Glenn again.
Glann (sic) bulling his wan through the Highlanders
The Good, the Bad and the Rugby

It is a good thing we had all these players because they came out strong for a team that had not really won a game (they got 5 points from us because they claimed a game that we could not play due to a shift in start time due to no referee.  Other wise they have one bonus point for scoring 4 tries in one game and another bonus point for coming close in a game.)  Probably an influx of first teamers so I don't feel bad about our slightly improved team.

We started as usual by handicapping ourselves as Fergus scored at about 10 minutes but we tied it up with a try by Tuan Vo after a blocked kidk by Joe Faint.  The convert was by Glenn.  Fergus then scored  converted tries at about 25 minutes and again at 30 minutes. However we did manage to spring Glenn (or he sprung himself) for a long run along the sideline to touch down and convert himself.just before the half.

Half time score Grimsby Gentlemen 14: Fergus Highland 21

In the second half Fergus continued to play strong and we tended to be sloppy by knocking on passes and letting the Highlanders pull the ball out of our hands.  But they did not score again in the game and we did.
At about 60 minutes Dan scored with Glenn converting and at about 65 minutes someone scored but Glenn missed the extra  At 70 minutes Jake touched down and Glenn converted.  Then at 75 minutes Glenn pushed across a penalty kick and at 77 minutes the game was called because of an ambulance on the field and darkness. The Fergus player did not break his collar bone but did separate his shoulder.

Final Score Grimsby Gentlemen 36: Fergus Highland 21

Tuan scoring after a blocked punt by Joe

This is almost a catch by Jon

"Everyone take your own" dance step

Trends: We continue to be down at the half, we haven't got a yellow in three games but we kicked 8 balls into the bushes this week (four were found the next day in a 10 meter radius ).. Overall though it is entertaining and fun rugby. We seem to play well even though their coach keeps calling the 1:3:3:1 set up the 9:3:3:1 when everyone knows that 9:3:3:1 is the phenotypic ratio of the F2 generation for a dihybrid cross in Mendelian genetics.

Thanks to Erin for cooking the pea meal and making the salads. 

We get this weekend off and then the long weekend and we play Hamilton in a rearranged game from May on August 10th. 

The picture below is of Grimsby Gentlemen Glenn Butler and Dan Prentice-Chowen holding the winners trophy at the North american 7s Invitational in Salt Lake City Utah on August 3rd. They went through the tournament undefeated playing for the Canadian Misfits

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Oh no. I forgot to keep my camera  hidden again