Saturday, April 4, 2015

Nu Plc 4 U 2 P

Recently while wondering out loud if we could replace the tile around the urinals (we were having tile floors installed in the washrooms) as the small tile around the bases was very stained and would we would not be able to clean it well.   

And then Brendan, using his magic, put in these two beauties (the lower one is for me to use exclusively). It is a good thing as the old urinal on the left was rusted out and our excretions were only being directed  to the septic tank in a general way.

There is something mystical about properly installed plumbing, almost a religious experience. No more splashing of urine on to bare legs so keep your dribbles in the porcelain and not on the floor, please. And thank Brother Brendan.

Shout out to Kyle and Bob:  Always do drugs in alleys, and piss in urinals.

Note:  Just recently this blog had it 25 000 th hit since Dec 2008.  It just goes to show that if you write it no matter how unlikely and even if it is about urinals, someone will read it.