Friday, December 28, 2012

AGM 2012

On Monday November 7th the Annual General Meeting of the Club took place at the clubhouse.  and we were deluged with 14 members showing up (last year we had 5).  The main purpose was to discuss last year and to elect a new slate of officers for 2013.

Overall we continue to have difficulty with numbers in the club but did manage to win two games in 2012.  We are solvent (we need a new strip) but were missing some membership dues even at that time.

Thanks were given to those members who were not running for office again. They were Martin Van Den Hurk who was junior coordinator for four years; Kyle Wilson  club manager for four years;  Andy Breuls, secretary for one year; and Jon Millington, social secretary for one year.

All positions in the 2012 executive were acclaimed.

Bill Stuart president once again

Dirk Reichow is the new secretary

Jeremy Young continues to be Treasurer

Alex Millar is the new Club Manager

This is Martin Wolff who continues to be a fixture at Fixtures,
but that is my thumb

Vic Blaney takes on Social 

Brendan Sculland continues at Clubhouse Manager
James Vinneau new Junior Coordinator

The rest of the meeting was spent discussing new players and a possible Easter Tour to Philadelphia. 

Thanks to everyone who attended.