Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Tats of the Team

Our ever popular record of tatoos on our members (and others)
shoot - I forgot to hide the camera again.

The Rest of the Season (2022)

Niagara Rugby Union Senior Men's B Division Champions Grimsby had one of their best seasons ever (they won the Men's C Division back in 1989 - one player was in both teams - Christopher Atkinson). Here is Chris in 2022 (he must have lost some bet)
At this rate we will win the Niagara A division in 2065 and the Marshall A in 2131 when Chris will be bit over 150 years old. I can hardly wait. Over the season Grimsby won six of eight league games scoring a team record 373 points and Dan Prentice-Chowen got most of them. The next team was Owen Sound (4 and 4) with 214 points but they forfeited a game and got 0 points. Stoney Creek (5 and 3) had 213 but got only 20 points in a forfeit by Cru. We scored 73 points (13 tries) against Waterloo thirds and 59 points (9 tries) against Cru thrids. Defensively we had 201 points against us (43 by Sarnia). Sarnia only had 149 scored on them but they had two forfeits with no scores. Creek had 182 ponts on them but had one default by the Crusaders. Our difference in points is 173 while the next best was Creek with 31. We ended up with 34 poinhts (bonus points in every game (10)), while Stoney Creek had 26, Sarnia 24, Owen sound 22 and Niagara 21 (I thought Niagara was closer) with Crusaders and Waterloo having 12. Our last game was in Niagara for the Brooker Cup and we defeated Niagara by 36 to 10. (so the cup returneth - well it never really left)
Well done. Congratulations to everyone especially Jim Graaf our head coach.
A few followers trying to do the wave.