Friday, December 28, 2012

AGM 2012

On Monday November 7th the Annual General Meeting of the Club took place at the clubhouse.  and we were deluged with 14 members showing up (last year we had 5).  The main purpose was to discuss last year and to elect a new slate of officers for 2013.

Overall we continue to have difficulty with numbers in the club but did manage to win two games in 2012.  We are solvent (we need a new strip) but were missing some membership dues even at that time.

Thanks were given to those members who were not running for office again. They were Martin Van Den Hurk who was junior coordinator for four years; Kyle Wilson  club manager for four years;  Andy Breuls, secretary for one year; and Jon Millington, social secretary for one year.

All positions in the 2012 executive were acclaimed.

Bill Stuart president once again

Dirk Reichow is the new secretary

Jeremy Young continues to be Treasurer

Alex Millar is the new Club Manager

This is Martin Wolff who continues to be a fixture at Fixtures,
but that is my thumb

Vic Blaney takes on Social 

Brendan Sculland continues at Clubhouse Manager
James Vinneau new Junior Coordinator

The rest of the meeting was spent discussing new players and a possible Easter Tour to Philadelphia. 

Thanks to everyone who attended. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Stratford away (VllI of X) rescheduled

Grimsby Gentlemen 15: Stratford Blackswans 18

Venue:  At Stratford Northwestern High School in Stratford,. We were unable to come up with enough players originally in July so the game was rescheduled by Stratrord for Friday under lights starting at 8:30.

Referee:  ***I missed his name but he does a lot of better club and university games around Waterloo.  He knows a lot and shows it.

Weather: A nice clear summer evening but it did not cool very much.  Probably about twenty five degrees with no wind. A quarter moon waxing.

Attendance:  There was quite a crowd but I guess there is not much to do in Stratford on a Friday night unless you are doing a Shakespeare tour.

I heard a rumour that much of the crowd came out because there was a Justin Bieiber sighting but it was only our Milli. who, from behind, I mistake for Justin all the time.

Team: We had enough players in theory but in practice but Bob came back from Vegas several dollars lighter and with some disease and  the plumbers got lost somewhere around Brantford and never did make it. But some St. Catharines players helped us out including another Nick.

1.  Nick Lord, 2. Brandon Pytschyl  3. Jon Millington, 4. Jeremy Young, 5. Ryan Coens, 6. Jamie Scully, 7. Dean Crozier 8. Kyle Wilson, 9. Nick Lemieux 10. Derrick Weber,  11. Colin Comfort (40 min), 12. Vic Blaney, 13. Martin Colyn, 14. Alex Millar (40 min),15. Pat Brown, 17 Zack Allan (40 min), 19. Nick ?(40 min)

Coach's Report

Stratford came out strong and controlled things at the start with their left winger scoring at 10 min.  They had most of the territory and a lot of the posession but we did get the ball once into their half at about 25 min and were rewarded with a penalty kick by Webs from the 22.    At about 28 min, the same winger scored with a strong run for Stratford.  Then later in the half, we were out flanked and Stratford scored again.

Half time score Grimsby Gentlemen 3: Stratford Blackswans 15

The second half was turn around, we kept much more possession, had more territory and ran at them.  About 15 min in, Jamie took the ball from a drive play in the lineout and ran around the maul for about 10 m and scored (see below) for the second time in two games.  Webs made the conversion.

With 10 minutes to go an attack from a scrum by the 9 (new Nick), to Webs, to Vic who with a looping pass got the ball into Martin's hands who scored to tie the game at 15 each.  The kick was missed so the tie stood until with a couple of minutes to go the Stratford 10, who had missed all conversions and a penalty in front actually made a drop goal to win the game.

It was a good game and as Kyle says we do not lose our first draft choice next year by beating the second from bottom team.  We did get a bonus point.

President's Report: 

Stratford did us a favour by rearranging the game  and it turned into a good,  fun evening and different from the rest of the season to be playing on a Friday at night.  Afterward Stratford took us back to The Poor House and treated us very well.  Even Scully was full.  Thanks to those players who came up from the farm team. It was a good season with us introducing a number of new players to the team.  It would have been nice to win a few more but generally we played well.  It shows we need more than 22 on the roster.  Thanks to all those who made an effort to make all the games and practices.  Out of the ten games we only held the other team to less that 5 tries twice, so we need more work in the defence department. Our under 14 flag team came second in their tournament last weekend, congratulations and hurry to grow up.

Man of the match:  Derrick Weber who kept us from going farther behind in the first half by his tackling and played an important link in the second half.  He also had just stepped off the plane at 4:00 that afternoon.

The following are pictures of Martin's decorated car that will be smashed in the Smithville Fair Demo Derby Labour Day Weekend.

Our shirts are finally going as Webs (10) got ripped during the game.

We have nothing much organized for the fall but hopefully the Steamwhistle brewery  tour happens on Sept 8th and we can at least get to the Waterloo Oktoberfest Tens at Thanksgiving.

I will be coaching the Mohawk Men's team and you can check them out at Mohawk College Rugby.

This blog has 89 entries since started in December of 2008 and  right now has 9,739 hits and will hit at least 10,000 before the 4 year anniversary. The most hits was Wilmot on Sept 12 2010 with 251 and Waterloo Renegades on July 26 2011 with 182.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Knaves away (in Brantford) Week X of X

Grimsby Gentlemen 36: Waterloo Knaves 34

(Two in a row and the last time we did that was June 11 and June 19 of last year against Niagara and Burlington and the game against Burlington was the last time we scored 6 tries)

Venue: Grorge Jones Park in Brantford because Waterloo's first and seconds were playing there and the thirds and fourths were having and end of season party in Paris so Waterloo wanted to play in Brantford.  (Or something like that)

Referee: Eric Cizar *** actually one of their coaches but kept the game going long enough for us to win in the last minute or two.

Weather:  Nice day at about twenty five degrees with no wind but a high UV index. So it turns out we can also win in sunny weather.

Attendance: These were the supporters on one side of the field and many more in the shade on the north side (I think). 

 I don't think the kid is actually one of ours.

Team:  We were short players for the first time this year. So The Knaves graciously lent us a couple of theirs.  These players did not seem to be slugs and played well. 

1.  Nick Lord, 2. Brandon Pytschyl (came back again with black socks), 3. Jon Millington, 4. Dan Wolfrath, 5. Jeremy Young, 6. Dean Crozier, 7. Jamie Scully 8. Kyle Wilson, 9. Derrick Weber, 10. Martin Colyn, 11. A. Nother, 12. Vic Blaney, 13. Colin Comfort, 14. Also A. Nother ,15. Pat Brown

We had two injured, two working and three on holidays and the game's afoot for Alex. 

Coach's Report:

The coach was in Niagara On the Lake in the morning with the flag kids and was passing through St. Catharines on the QEW when the kick off took place.  So I only got to the game with about twenty minutes to go and it is a good thing because my heart might not have taken it.  I saw 6 tries altogether in the final 20 min with the lead changing four times and us coming out ahead with a last minute try.  The following were the try scorers in the game with four scoring their first try for Grimsby. (It's a good thing we banned Zulus because we would have used up all their toilet paper).
Colin, Pat, Nick, Jamie, Dan with Martin on the ground. were the try scorers
You can't take a picture anywhere without getting Vic in it half naked.

Colin, Dan and Nick scored before I got there but as I arrived the oppositiojn scored to tie it, then scored again to go ahead and again to go aheader (up 10).  However Jamie ran under a weakly kicked penalty that did not find touch and out jumped the opposition in goal  and fell on the ball.  Then Martin on the burst slipped a tackle, went around the fullback with a side step and managed to get the ball down on the line while being tackled.  Webs converted to put us up by 2.  However A bad lineout on our 22 gave the ball to their 8 who scored in the corner to put them 3 up with 4 minutes to go (injury and water break time).  

The winning try should go down in history (or as long as we can remember) because it was a classic All Black like series of plays that lasted 56 sec and had 10 players handle the ball, with Webs touching the ball 4 times, Dean twice, and Martin twice.  Even one of the players  loaned to us took the ball into a ruck and set it up.  Also during this series Jamie made a dummy run allowing Kyle to get the ball and Milli took on three of their tacklers.  At the start, the ball was thrown to the same place in the lineout that was disastrous  the last time when Waterloo scored off the bad throw in.  Dean was lifted well by Jeremy and Nick and the ball was then given back to the thrower, Brendan, who took on the eight and got it to Webs (we practiced this on Thursday).  Most of the team was involved in the five rucks that took place until finally Pat picked up and ran 10 m to score and put us ahead for good.  The only person not involved was the right winger (a player loaned to use from Waterloo). 

We still have defensive problems, and it should not have come down to a last minute try like that.  We have let the other team score at least 5 tries in every game this year but one.  Better tackling and keeping our shape in defence is required to make sure we win. 

President's Report

Well done Gentlemen,  it is unfortunate we had to borrow players and it was the first time in a couple of years we did not have a full team.  Thanks to Brendan who hooked again this week for us. Thanks to Waterloo for lending us a few, they could have played with us down two until the score was run up or they could have given us players who did not try.  It shows we need more numbers on the roster, even if some people get less playing time. Waterloo also took care of us with a beer and food so thanks to them.  Waterloo lost the Marshall game 29 to 28 and now the Creek are on the bottom since they lost.  However Creek have the easier schedule in September and should manage to stay up with either Brantford or Waterloo (who just came up this year) being relegated (or Markam Irish).  

Man of the Match

I did not see much of the game but Pat scored the winning try and played very well in the full back position.  Vic's imitation of a soccer player gets an honourable mention. 

Here is a picture of Webs in action.

This is a picture of Waterloo in action, showing a great lift in the lineout. 

Looking at the picture below, I was just wondering what regular young men do on a Saturday afternoon. 

Here are our young men, who just earned a bonus point

One more league game left. Friday night in Stratford. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Burlington away (Week lX of X)

Grimsby Gentlemen 12: Burlington Centaurs III 7
 (Jamie says: "There goes our perfect season")

Vemue:  Sherwood Forest Park

Referee:  Gareth R. Holloway**** very good game, handled all the nonsense very well. He actually said he liked refereeing  third division NRU games (but he might have been making fun of us).

Sorry Ref, here`s a better picture. 

Weather:  The weather has been so hot and dry this year that you could have sex in the middle of our field and not leave a  wet spot.

See, no wet spot

However, today the weather was wet and rainy and a bit cool.  Perfect (at least it is now).

Attendance:  The rain kept the fans low.

1. Jeremy Young. 2. Brandon Pytschyl (first game), 3. Jon Millington, 4. Dan Wolfrath, 5. Bob Mavro, 6. Dean Crozier, 7. Jamie Scully(40 min), 8. Kyle Wilson, 9. Nick Lemieux, 10. Derrick Weber, 11. Colin Comfort, 12. Vic Blaney, 13. Martin Colyn, 14. Alex Millar (40 min), 15. Pat Brown, 16. Dirk Reichow (40 min), 17. James Vinneau (40 min)

We missed three expected players and got Brandon in for his first game with Grimsby (and as hooker).   Thanks to Dirk and James for driving quickly from Niagara Falls after coaching the flag players.

Coach`s Report:

Three weeks off and not a lot of training done during that time, but we did come up big in the first minute or two with Dean scoring a try (Burlington complaining that their scrum half and captain was taking a dump and not on the field, I missed it all (the dump and the try)).  Webs converted.  We seemed to play harder with better flat line defense although we still ball watch.  Burlington played well and probably had the edge in territory and possession.  A nice feed by Webs, a great run by Vic led to him scoring with about 5 minutes to go in the half.  Here is Vic`s run.

Half time: Grimsby Gentlemen 12: Burlington Centaurs 0

Things continued in the same vain in the second half except Burlington scored at about the 65 min mark and converted to make the final minutes exciting.  However we did hold on with some determined tackling for our first win this season.

Full time: Grimsby Gentlemen 12: Burlington Centaurs 7

President`s Report:

It is always nice to beat Burlington and it was more of a struggle that it should have been. The score was too close considering most of our players would be playing for the firsts or seconds if they played in Burlington.
The flat line was better and we were more aggressive putting more pressure on them.  Our body position going into offensive and defensive rucks was poor and we lost control when we go into contact with the ball too often.  Lineouts were spotty and scrums were good at the start but deteriorated in the second half. However they are second in the league and were challenging for first, so it was a good win.  Man of the match went to Dean Crozier seen here with the offside centaur,  ref.  Honourable mention to Webs.

Thanks to all who voted us Best Senior Rugby Club in Grimsby!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

St Catharines at home (Week VII of X)

Grimsby Gentlemen 5: St Catharines Tigers 28

Venue: Alway Field

Referee: Ian Stewart ** (Made a call for one of their trys too quickly - before it was knocked on - I wish refs would take their time in calling trys) Some one should enlighten me if it is tries or trys.  Just two yellows called one on us for interference and one on them at the end for arguing (or something like that) .

Weather: 25 - 26 degrees (warmish): the grass is getting pretty dry

Attendance: Was down a bit, with a few more on the other side I would estimate maybe 300.  The rest might have been vacationing in Cuba.

Pat was actually playing. 

Team:  (just 15 available - they had maybe 18)

1. Nick Lord, 2. Brandon Sculland 3. Jon Millington (80 min), 4 Dirk Reichow , 5. Jeremy Young, 6. Jamie Scully 7. Dean Crozier, 8. Vic Blaney, 9. Derrick Weber* (C), 10. Martin Colyn , 11. Colin Comfort, 12. Alex Millar, 13 Nick Lemieux 14.(wearing 22) James Vinneau,  15. Pat Brown

Coach's Report:

We did well especially after last week for the first fifteen minutes or so and managed to keep them in their end until Webs blocked a clearing kick and fell on it in the end zone. The conversion was missed. St. Catharines came back to tie the game fairly quickly and went ahead on a scrum half pick near our end.
Near the end of the half, we took a yellow for interference and the Tigers scored from a running penalty.

Half time Grimsby Gentlemen 5: St. Catharines Tigers 15.

The second half was played generally pretty even in the middle of the field, we never really got close and they scored twice. (actually once).  A little bit of argue at the end and game over.  We will have to win out first game on the road.

This is Vic putting a perfect stop on their big man.

Congratulations to Martin Colyn picked as man of the match.

President's Report:

Well done, we played better on the field this week and this was against the top team in the division.  We just need to be more organized and know what to do in situations.  We are still tackling poorly which needs to improve for us to be successful. We also need to hang onto the ball in contact more, we are getting little continunity. Thanks to Frank who came around and was persuaded by me to run touch since I had two cameras and the touch flag and a bad knee.  Frank got to grouse at the ref and tease the other team.  Two others who have not been around in a long time were Eddy and  Evi. 

If the clubhouse smelled better this week it is because Alex Millar went into the washrooms and cleaned them up.  The smell of pine was different from the usual smell.  Thanks Alex.  I did not have Andy my camera man to take the videos this week and the ones I took are not very good and I cannot seem to download (or upload) them to the blog, but someday.  So I do not have many pictures so here are some from the flag tournament in Fort Erie in the morning.

The top is the u 14 with James and Dirk coaching and the bottom is the u 8, which I coach (sort of).

Thanks to Jennifer for making salads even though I forgot to ask, the Tigers were impressed.

You may wish you were playing for other teams, but Niagara firsts got beat 95 to 10 on Saturday by Barrie and the Muddy York were defeated 142 to 0 a few weeks ago. The ball on the field was like a bar of soap in the showers.

Hamilton II away (Week VI of X)

Grimsby Gentlemen 5: Hamilton Hornets II  a whole bunch


Monday, June 25, 2012

Burlington II at home (Week V of X)

Grimsby Gentlemen 10: Burlington II 52 (Crossover Game)

Venue: Alway Park

Our new clubhouse is almost finished, all we need is showers.

Thanks to Dirk for providing the flag, we will take care of it.  The last one was stolen from the clubhouse (not very Canadian).

Referee: Paul Byrne***  We have had Paul for 3 of our 4 home losses and it must be his fault. Just kidding Paul, good game.

Weather:  Not as hot as it could have been, but it was still warm (26 degrees - feel 34 degrees)

Attendance:  Both teams just had 15 at kickoff and they outnumbered the spectators by a lot.  Must have been a garage sale nearby.

Team:  Reminiscent of last year just barely making the numbers.

1. Nick Lord, 2. Brad Verstenboch, 3. Jon Millington (80 min), 4 Dirk Reichow 60 min), 5. Jeremy Young, 6. Dan Wolfrath, 7. Bob Mavro, 8. Kyle Wilson, 9. Nick Lemieux, 10. Derrick Weber (C), 11. Jamie Scully, 12. Martin Colyn, 13.(wearing 22) James Vinneau, 14. Brendan Sculland, 15. Pat Brown 16. Ale Millar (comming on fresh in the second half)

Coach`s  Report

We missed some important players in important positions and could not hold on to a good first half against a team in a higher division.  Compared to last week we came out better and Derrick kicked a penalty after 3 minutes.  Then at the 10 minute mark, Burlington made a good kick that eluded our winger and they scored and converted.  Unfortunately a bad kick off led to a scrum and a good attack which immediately scored.  However, Grimsby wasn`t done and with a quick tap by Nick Lemieux and a follow up by Derrick we got into the opponent`s end.  A few plays later our prop Jon Millington took the ball in at the corner.  Derrick then made a nice kick which just made it inside the upright  (expertly called by the line judge, although the Burlington players complained, but they even complained about the flies).  That was as close as we got as Burlington `s better running and ball control resulted in two more tries before the half.

Half Time:  Grimsby Gentlemen 10: Burlington Centaurs 26.

I wish I could tell you that things got better in the second half or at least stayed the same, but I can`t.

Full Score Grimsby Gentlemen 10: Burlington Centaurs 52

Great strong play by the captain Derrick Weber and very promising play by our newcomer Pat. 

President`s Report

Ireland got beat 60 to 0 by New Zealand, and at home it was Oakville II 56 and Brantford II 5, London St. George I 61 - Niagara Wasps I 7, and London St George II 57 - Niagara Wasps II 3 at home. So for the bottom team in our division to lose to the top team in the above division is not so bad and besides we had better salads by Jennifer Reichow (although  the odd couple spend the afternoon arguing why a simple burger hand-off went south and we ended up with inferior patties). When we go back to Burlington, I think we will be lucky to get anything (good or bad burgers) since we have not had anything for the last few years.  And they complained about a few flies. They did stay and drink some beer for a change. Thanks to Dan for taping the shoulders of a couple of players, somebody should hire this guy as a cop.  We have a weekend off before playing another crossover up a league game with Hamilton, which should be an interesting challenge.  Looking forward to it as we go into the second half of the league.  

A few photos. 

Somewhere in there, the only man on the field with white shorts is scoring a try for Grimsby (sorry for the focus). 

Actually, that is all (the others are not very good).

My latest favorite quote by David Flatman who was a prop for Bath and got 8 caps for England.  From a column for the Independent on his retirement through injury.  

I was never the best player in the world, but I always stuck my head in and tried for my mates and, when I think about it, that is all I ever wanted from any of the men beside whom I stood.... 
But rugby will also always need men who hold their clubs in their hearts, men who would never leave. Bath Rugby has been in my heart for a long time now and it always will be. 

Have a holiday. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Burlington at home (Week IV of X)

Grimsby Gentlemen 5: Burlington Centaurs III 32

Venue: Alway park in the evening (7:00 k.o.)

Referee: Geoff Holloway*** well done refereeing (although he did get lost trying to find the clubhouse on Kemp Road and blamed our directions)

Weather:  a very nice evening not too hot or humid (perfect night for rugby)

Attendance:  A bit small for a nice evening, but here are a few of the enthusiastic female followers. 

Guess whose Dad, sister and girlfriend are in the above picture. 


1. Nick Lord, 2.Brad Verstenbosch, 3. Jon Millington (40 min), 4. Dirk Reichow(25 min - inj)), 5. Jeremy Young, 6. Dan Wolfrath, 7. Dean Crozier, 8. Kyle Wilson (C), 9. Nick Lemieux, 10. Andy Breuls, 11. Colin Comfort, 12. Vic Blaney (60 min -inj), 13.(22) James Vinneau, 14. Jamie Scully, 15. Alex Millar (60 min), 16 Tim Millar (40 min) 17. Bob Mavro (55 min), 18. Pat Brown (40 min)

The sun sets on our latest failure to hit the win column.  I hope Mohawk doesn't find out about  my coaching record. 

Coaches' Report:

We asked to change the date of this Burlington game so we could see how a mid week game went but mainly because we did not want to get up and play on Saturday after the Friday night Canada - Italy game in Toronto.  I had to get up at seven anyway for a flag tournament but who listens to me.   So we made it easy for Burlington to add more experience and bigger players to their lineup and of course they did, with about 9 players who played a higher level the week before. Although some players were coming off injury or paying in their not usual position. It showed early with Burlington take it to us in the forwards and scoring within three minutes and again at twelve minutes.  Most of the play continued to be in our end and they managed to score at thirty eight minutes and again, a killer, at fourty.  We managed to stop them from converting three of the four (yea).

Half time Grimsby Gentlemen 0: Burlington Centaurs 22

We looked good for the first five of the second half with a lot of attacking ball, scoring five minutes in but Burlington immediately answered with a try of their own. The last score for the Centaurs came at about seventy minutes.  No trys were converted.

Full time Grimsby Gentlemen 5:  Burlington Centaurs 32

We did well in fixed pieces but had to defend a lot and got tired quickly. Burlington showed us a couple of times how set up and execute a rolling maul.

Our regular Captain and 10, Derrick, was recovering so Andy moved to fly half and did very well setting up some runs with Vic who scored our try.  When Vic came off injured, Alex became a credible center.
Alex was chosen as coaches man of the match.
This is Vic scoring the try with Andy and Alex ready for off loads (or something).

Presidents' Report:

Burlington usually does not stay after for very long but did better this time and we got to talk to them.  They are not bath salt-smoking ogres as many have claimed and a very nice beer up was had by all.  Thanks again to Jennifer for  making salads.  We play their seconds in the next game and I suspect we will see many of the same faces although they do have to have three teams in three away venues this coming weekend.

Man of the Match: Burlington chose Alex Millar while firstly chose their quick little back but he had to go home with his mother so we picked the big Irish center.  So it was Ireland vs Scotland in the drink-off and Scotland won because Alex cheated (actually spilled beer-which is uncharacteristic for a Scots, I think)

Below Alex has the group enraptured with his tales of how well he played and why he made the best decisions possible.   Thanks for playing on our team Alex.

Below is an actual historical re-enactment of the first hanging of a fly strip in our clubhouse.  Thanks to Brendan for taking part and being ably assisted by his brother Brad.

This is Rhyan Millar and her mother.  Rhyan is wondering why we would do this to Bambi.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Baby Boom

From an article in the New Zealand Herald, Sunday June 10, 2012 

Libby Jackson counts back nine months. Photo / Doug Sherring
The All Blacks' Rugby World Cup victory sparked a baby boom.

The maternity unit at Waitakere Hospital was overflowing with double the usual number of births last weekend - exactly nine months after the World Cup kicked off.

Nearly 40 babies were born over three days at the West Auckland hospital. Increased births were also reported at Middlemore Hospital.

New mum Libby Jackson joked that Cup celebrations were probably the reason for the increased numbers.

"A lot of my friends are due soon and we counted back and said, oh yes, the Rugby World Cup."

Waitakere midwife manager Helen Ngatai said the ward was "madness" over the weekend.

"I am so grateful for the staff we had, they just got on with it and everyone worked really hard," she said.

More experienced mums were sent home early, others were transferred to other parts of the hospital. Those who were well enough were sent to Birthcare.

"We would have a bed stripped and cleaned and it was immediately filled with the next woman in labour."

On a completely unrelated note , a son, Hayden Matai Crozier was born to Tara and Dean on May 30 of this year. Dean being our only Kiwi on the team.  The name Richie was thought to have been brought up several time but nixed by Tara.  (photo of Hayden will be soon) 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Kitchener at home: (Week III of X)

Grimsby Gentlemen 5: Kitchener Knaves 23

Venue: Alway Park

Weather: A gentle rain all morning with about 7.5 mm falling that ended just at game tine although I wore my fashionable poncho all game.  Temp 23 degrees.  A bit of a wind in our faces in the second half.

Referee: Paul Byrne *** A very good game today, kept the clubs in line with a combination of skilled management and supreme fitness ( I found out he reads the blog).  He would have gotten four stars if we had won the game.

Attendance: With the other teams having the day off were were graciously paid a visit by a few former players who now play for our farm team, Stoney Creek. The individual who brought his own (expensive) beer will be tasered by Alex our police officer next time he shows his face. It was good attendance for starting out to be a rainy day.


1. Nick Lord, 2. Brad Vorstenbosch, 3. Jon Millington (50 min) , 4. Jeremy Young, 5. Bob Mavro, 6. Dean Crozier, 7. Dan Wolfrath, 8. Kyle Wilson (PL), 9. Nick Lemieux, 10. Derrick Weber (C)( 7 min), 11. Colin Comfort (40 min), 12. Vic Blaney, 13. Martin Colyn, 14. James Scully, 15. Alex Millar(40 min), 16. Tim Millar (no relation)(40 min), 17. Andy Breuls (73 min), 18. Pat Brown (40 min), 19. Dirk Reichow (25 min.) 22. James Vinneau (40 min)

It was nice having a few extra players for a change, although some are a bit strange. Andy is the one running in the opposite direction to every one else. Andy has, in three games,  played prop, flanker and center.

Coach's Report
We started off much bettethan last week, and were much better at the start in set pieces.  Unfortunately our captain and number 10 was lost in the first 7 min and had to get 8 stitches in his face. 

Andy came on in the center and Martin moved to 10 and both did very well for the rest of the game.  We scored first from some kind of a drive as Bob Mavro touched down over the whitewash (I have always wanted to write that, about the whitewash not Bob, although it is nice that Bob scored, but I digress).  Here is Bob just after the score. (He is still on the ground somewhere)

Unfortunately the game did not end then and although Grimsby seemed to have the better territorial advantage for the rest of the half we did not score again and Kitchener managed to cross the whitewash but also missed the convert.

Half Time Score:  Grimsby Gentlemen 5: Kitchener Knaves 5

After the interval, and using the wind Kitchener claimed two penalty kicks and managed to sneak in a converted try.  Then, after a series of plays during which it seemed we must score as almost every forward had a try at it, the Knaves, against the run of play, put the game out of reach with a final try.   Stronger game than last week, defense needs work and fitness needs to be improved.  We might have done better here, if Milli wasn't pushing against us. 

Or if Nick had put his socks on before the game started.

Man of the match was Nick Lord our young prop.  With honourable mention to Bob Mavro who was everywhere today. 

President's Report

Why is this man happy? (he actually is happy)

Is it because he was captain of the team that just won? Is it because the rain stopped and it turned into a nice day for rugby? Is it because he finally got his boots off? Or is it because Ken is the NRU fixtures secretary and at one point was worried about having to reschedule the entire league because Grimsby did not have enough registered players? All of the above.  We did well with five qualified spares which is a first for a long time. We have a nice core of young players mixed with some experience.  We will do well as the youngsters get used to men's rugby.  

It was a good day overall with Kitchener staying around for a little bit.  Thanks to Milli and  Bob for organizing the beer up, Vic for cooking, Elizabeth, Vanessa and Alex behind the bar.  Thank you Jennifer for making the salads again - they all went quickly.  

The Knave's pick for man of the match was Nick Lord and we picked their young fullback.  
In the traditional diet coke drink-off, (supervised by a police officer) Nick cleaned up and I think their player is still drinking.

Here is my latest favourite quote about rugby:

"We got the songs, we got the chants, we got the mates hugging, we got the mates kissing but we're still mates.  There arn’t many games where you would break a limb for a mate.  There arn’t many games where you shit in a mate's hand and still be mates."

                                                                 Oliver Blazeby (6 sometimes 7)
                                                                 from "Don't Drop the Egg"

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