Sunday, June 26, 2011

Waterloo Renegades at home: Week Six

Grimsby Gentlemen 7: Waterloo IV (Renegades) 27

Referee: Paul Byrne (from Grimsby) ***

Weather: kind of overcast at the start about 20 degrees

Attendance: low turnout (Was the Pride parade on today?)

Team: Jon Millington, Brendan Sculland, Nick Howe, Dean Gibson, Jeremy Young, Bob Mavro, Martin Van Den Hurk, Dan Wolfrath, Derrick Weber, Andy Breuls, Trevor Trotman, Vic Blandy, Martin Colyn, Jamie Scully, Nick Lemieux (is that right Nick?) Nathan Rowbottom, Dylan Kinch, James Vinneau.

President's Report: The plan was that we would work hard on defense and deny Waterloo scoring chances. The plan worked well in the first half as they had the ball in our half for most of the time. We made some great tackles and and stopped Waterloo several time from in close but they finally scored at 23 minutes. Near the end of the first half we started to get into Waterloo's end with some great running by our centers Martin and Vic. Vic scored from 25 meters and Derrick converted at about 38 minutes.

Half time score: Grimsby Gentlemen 7: Waterloo Renegades 5

Waterloo looked like they were faltering at the end of the first but they took over in the second half and scored at 10 minutes. An injury to Dan our #8 resulted in changes to the lineup and we lost focus and our defensive abilities. Waterloo again scored at 20 min, 30min and 40 min. It is a good thing they could not kick. Waterloo, the first place team, gets a deserved win.

Final Score: Grimsby Gentlemen 7: Waterloo Renegades 27

Coaches Report: I am not sure if it means anything but we have had three home games and three serious injuries to three significant players. Also Martin Wolfe, our talisman, was not present and our winning streak ended at two. It was a great defensive effort in the first half but we could not sustain control and keep the ball for more that two phases. Again we did well in the scrums and poorly in the lineouts and we started to argue among ourselves in the second half, when the game was still close. Unfortunately, we kicked at their fullback a few too many times.

I took a few pictures first half but forgot to take any second.

Man of the Match: The captains pick was Vic for his hitting and running. I was not around for Waterloo's pick but will report it. Found pieces of slightly burned toilet paper around the club and wondered what that was about.

Great defense

Our only try, a long run.

Milli going for a run

I though Martin would get all the way but was caught on the 5.

Webs getting a kick off

Quote: "Since there is no game next weekend, don't anyone show up for practice this week"
If you heard this, it was actually a plea to get people out for practice. The old reverse psychology ploy.

If you read all the way to the end then you will find that this is the 60th installment of "a Holigan's Game" starting December 19, 2008 and has been viewed 3, 583 times as of right now.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Burlington at home: Week Five

Grimsby Gentlemen 41: Burlington Centaurs III 0

Who already looks to be the better rugby player?

Venue: Alway School

Referee: Jeff Dahl ***

Weather: A warm 29 degrees at 12:15 when the game started

Attendance: Was between 30 and 900. They all liked the weather, we miss our half time tree.

Team: Jon Millington (40 min), Brendan Sculland, Nick Howe (40 min), Jeremy Young, Bob Mavro (40 min), Vic Blaney, Kyle Wilson, Dan Wolfrack, Derrick Weber, Jim Graef( 30 min injured), Andy Breuls, Martyn Colyn (40 min), Trevor Trotman (40 min), Jamie Scully, Nick Lemieux, Nathan rowbottom (40 min), Dean Gibson (40 min), Martin Van Den Hurk (40 min), James Vinneau (40 min- first game for Grimsby), Alex Millar (50 min).

President's Report: There were two good teams out there today and they both were Grimsby. The last time we shut anyone out, they shut us out. The last time we scored at least 6 tries was against Stratford at home two years ago on the 4th of July (with Jeff Dahl refereeing, by the way). Burlington were short a player at the start but played well unless they were in a scrum or lineout. We had a few attacking plays repulsed but managed a penalty kick by Jim at about 20 min. However Jim got hurt at about 30 min and while we were taking him off Martin C scored (which I did not see- we need to tape these games) for his second try in as many games. A little later Derrick who was trying some tricky kicks all day, managed to gather his own kick and score under the posts. Derrick made both goals.

Half time score Grimsby Gentlemen 17: Burlington Centaurs III 0

About 5 minutes into the second half, Derrick makes another kick which hndcuffs the full back and he snags the ball to offload to Kyle for a score. Later in the half, Nathan and Brendan make two more forward tries. And the final score is by our full back Nick who scampers through several defenders to touch the ball down between the posts. Burlington was glad the whole thing was over. Overall it was a busy day as we had under 14's and under 16's play just before us, we found out the water was going to be turned off late Friday night (no water for washrooms) and the carbon dioxide on the keg ran out.

Final score: Grimsby Gentlemen 41: Burlington Centaurs III 0

This is a picture of no one paying any attention at all to the coach as usual, as he tries to look busy and like he knows what is going on.

Coaches Report

Lots of good stuff in the game. Martin has set a new record (since records have been kept) for the club of scoring tin the first two games he has played. Brendan, another rookie scored for the second game in a row. Our set pieces were good and we had some good plays with players in support. Defense was better although we still do not communicate with each other well enough. The next time we play them it will be different as they will have all teams at home and will bolster their side, which is fine as you all would be playing for their firsts or seconds anyway, but we need to be ready. With 21 (the most in the last three years) players available we had lots of energy and flexibility. We still need everyone possible, as we only had 16 at the last game, to make a good run for the playoffs.

Thanks to James (below) who played his first game for Grimsby.


Martin C 1 T, Kyle W 1T, Brendan S 1T, Nathan R. 1 T, Nick L 1T, Jim Graef 1 P, Derrick W 1T 3G.

Man of the Match: Burlington all took off quickly so they could support their team in Hamilton, but they lost about thirty to nothing anyway. This is why we had to play at noon. Anyway, on the way out, they selected Derrick Weber as their pick for man of the match. We had a lot of players play well but I (and a few coaches on the sideline) also selected Derrick Weber for his exciting game at 9 with lots of box kicks that caused problems all day for Burlington. Honorable mentions went to Vic, Andy, Wolf and Brendan.

So much exciting stuff happened that I forgot I was supposed to be taking pictures except for a few of the tries in the second half (which did not turn out very well).

This is Nathan's, I think

And this is Nick's??

So I took pictures of the fans.

Martin's cheering section. Martin's friend, her brother Dylan, and their mother. (Bob)

More of the ladies.

Elizabeth and two members of the new ladies club, the St. Catharines Badgers

Guess who's dad this is.

Martin our fixture secretary, the man who did the cooking and our good luck charm

Eddie, formerly our only social member, but has not paid his dues recently.

Someone wasn't going in, so he joined the other team.

Who said Jon wasn't tough.

Another rare picture, Frank working.

I was going to open this blog with a picture of the dump someone left in the toilet after I left and did not get water to flush it. We can't leave stuff for the town to find and complin we are not taking care of the clubhouse. I am glad to see you knew enough to wipe yourself. Next time get some water from a neighbour and to make it up to me do something extra for the club.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flag Tournament at Grimsby

Laura and Martin present the first Niagara Flag Rugby tournament of the year in Grimsby. They have about 34 players signed up for the flag program and they took on teams from St. Catharines, Niagara on the Lake, Niagara Falls and Fort Erie. We parked over 60 cars on the lawn.

This is Laura with the junior players.

And Martin this the senior players

And here are a few pictures from the action.

Oops going the wrong way.

A former player Brian

What a great feeling.

My first try.

Lots of action

This is the debut of the new Grimsby haka.

Thanks Laura and Martin. Next tournament June 20 in Niagara Falls.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Niagara Away: Week Four

Grimsby Gentlemen 33: Niagara Wasps III 19

Referee: Ian Stewart **

Weather: Overcast, 20 degrees

Attendance: A few only, the place is hard to find. Chris was there and Kyle who was spectating and not playing, Martin Wolf (we have not seen him since last team dinner).

Team: Nick Howe, Brendan Sculand, Jon Millington, Wally Cone, Jeremy Young, Bob Mavro, Martin Van Den Hurk, Dan Wolfrack, Derrick Weber, Jim Graef, Jamie Scully, Vic Blaney, Martin Colyn (first game for Grimsby), Trevor Trotman, Alex Millar, Stu English (subbed 40 min)

President's Report: You might be forgiven to have thought that if we were playing an away game, missing a number of starters and having several players playing different positions with only one sub after three straight defeats scoring only 3 points in total against a team that defeated the team we lost to last week at home; we might not do well. BUT, WE DID WELL!!! A BONUS POINT WELL!!

It might have started on Tuesday after a particularly annoying practice that Wally (above), our 48 year old rookie, pointed out that we might do better if we scored some tries. As annoyingly obvious as that was, it was correct. So after not doing well at the start of the game, we drove down the field and after 435 minutes of tryless rugby, Vic powered over for a score which Jim converted.

This is Vic (#12) starting out on his historic try.

Niagara came back and scored, but after an errant penalty kick to the sidelines and an even worse return kick by Niagara, Vic ran around the end and scored again at about 35 minutes of the first half. Niagara not to be outdone came back and scored and converted to tie the game just before half.

Half time score: Grimsby Gentlemen 12: Niagara Wasps III 12

In the second half our new young players put on a clinic. After about 10 minutes Martin C. found winger Trevor ( third game ) running a great slash line and scoring under the posts untouched.

Then Brendan (fourth game) jumped on a loose ball and scored. Niagara came back and managed a try and conversion but Martin C (playing in his first game with the club) managed to run around the defense in our half to score under the posts.

Jim converted the last three tries.

Final Score: Grimsby Gentlemen 33: Niagara Wasps III 19.


Vic 2 T
Trevor 1 T
Brendan 1 T
Martin C 1 T
Jim 4 C

Coaches Report: Well done Gentlemen, it was nice to see you getting the ball out and finding gaps. There were good decisions made and continuity that was missing in the other games. We seemed to feel the field a bit better. However we should note that Niagara were big which we handled but they also lacked fitness and did not pressure us very well on defense nor take advantage of our some of our lapses when they had the ball . In the one game they won, 18 to 17 against St. Catharines, they admit is was against the run of play and they had a couple of lucky breaks. The Tigers claim they inserted some first team players.

Good job by some players playing in different positions. Bob and Dan connected in the throw-ins, Brendan figured out the hooker position after a few scrums. Dan was around the field at eight, Scully, Alex and Trevor (Stu) worked well in the back three. The scrum seemed to be more stable. Derrick had a great game at scrum half, but my man of the match was Jim Graef at 10 for his play selection, delivery and defence. Well done Jim

The other team's pick for man of the match: Vic (he has been selected by the other team 3 out of 4 weeks- I think he only plays well to get an extra beer)

We are not in last place any more, vaulting over Niagara. Bring on Burlington.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Beamsville at OFSSA

Both the Beamsville Bucs rugby teams went to OFSSA last week. It was the third year in a row for the Frank Schilte and Chris Brown coached girls team and they have gone up in the standings each year. This year they lost to the eventual winners Trenton and lost in the bronze medal game to Norwood. This gives them the antique bronze medal and a fourth place at the AA OFSSA. The team came fifth last year and sixth the year before.

It was the first year for this Beamsville senior boys team coached by Darren Moore and Dave Franklin and was built on last year's strong junior team. Inexperience showed in the first game against number seven ranked Queen Elizabeth of Kingston but a strong game against Erin High School put them in a consolation semifinal against Appleby College. Beamsville played well but Appleby, who were ranked sixth, scored a try and conversion with a couple of minutes to go to win 12 to 5. Grimsby player Martin Colyn scored Beamsville's only try. It was a very good showing for an inexperienced team and hopefully shows what they have to do next year.

Monday, June 6, 2011

St Catharines at home:Week Three

Grimsby Gentlemen 3: St Catharines Tigers 27

: Alway Field

Referee: Hedis Fetic ***1/2

Weather: After thunderstorms in the morning, it was a nice day around 20 degrees and sunny with the field fairly wet.

Attendance: 500 or maybe a few less (a whole bunch came about 4:00 to drink beer but missed the game).

Levin came to give his dad some pointers and did not like what he saw.

It was nice to see "El Presidente" again, aka Chris Atkinson, former president of the club and present life member and also the ORU's new Child Protection Officer (no- he was not on patrol)

Team: Nick Howe, Dylan Kinch, Jon Millington, Bob Mavro, Wally Cone, Dan Wolfrath, Vic Blaney, Kyle Wilson, Nick Lemieux, Jim Graef, Mike Stuart, Andy Breuls, Jamie Scully, Alex Millar, Derrick Weber, Brendan Sculland, Nathan Rowbottom, Martin Van Der Hurk

President's Report: Jim Graef made his return at fly half after being away from the club for a lot of years. The last game I remember him playing is the playoff in Sarnia that went into overtime (Jim scored in that game) and he scored again against St. Catharines with a nice penalty from the right side about 20 m out. It was our first points this season and the last points in the game. We have not scored a try in 415 minutes of rugby.

Unfortunately, we lost Mike Stuart to a reoccurring knee injury in his first game in two years.

Jim had one more chance at kicking but did not make it and we did not get close again.

Coaches report: While we seemed to have a better sense of the field on defense we still were not aggressive enough and tended to sit back on our heels and let them come to us. St Catharines were not spectacular but gave a workman like effort on both offence and defense. We were pressured most of the game. We had a few individual runs on offence but could not put it together into a complete attack or we could not hang onto the ball. Anyway, more fitness and practice and it should come together, maybe this weekend in Niagara.

Coaches Man of the match: Vic Blaney for his aggressive play

Other teams pick: Vic Blaney

From under the willow???

These guys look like they had more fun doing whatever it is than we did playing rugby.

Thanks to Vic who got the food and to "Bubbles" for cooking it. And to Andy who was so worried about knock-ons that he bought two new game balls for the club.

"Ref, it's not my fault I couldn't get the ball out, it was stuck under my belly"

And a brick to their captain who would not let us bring a player back on after he was off for a blood sub (maybe it was a bit long).