Thursday, January 2, 2020

Grimsby Grubbers Flag Rugby 2019

The flag rugby Grimsby Grubbers had a very good season with 60 participants in three age groups (jkand sk, grades 1 and 2, and grades 3 to 5 (two teams white and red).  (We still do not have a grade 6 to 9 group with enough individuals)They started in mid May and played until mid August with 5 tournaments.  The last tournament was in Grimsby and it was the one where scores were kept and medals handed out.

Its 8:00 am and
the fields are ready

the clubhouse ready

we just need some strategy,

decide on a plan 

and go

make a break and look for support
Grade 1 and 2 (well done)

don't let them know what your thinking

Its 12:00
Grade 3, 4, 5 Grimsby gold medal (white) and silver medal (red)

Well done everyone.

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