Saturday, June 25, 2016

Wilmot at home

Grimsby Gentlemen 28: Wilnot Warthogs 20

Venue:  Alway Field with newly renovated clubhouse.

Referee:  Alistair Gabb (very young: I have older pairs of socks)- wearing an Uxbridge High School Tigers shirt but attending  MacMaster)

Weather:  After cooling down a bit from last week in Chatham it climbed right up there into the low thirties.

Attendance:  It was the official opening of the clubhouse after a year or so of renovations and the recognition day of fourty years since the founding of the Grimsby Rugby Club so we had standing room only (if you did not have a chair) and packed terraces.

standing room only

terraces packed
Greg Evans, Scott Nicholson (an original all the way from Nova Scotia) and John Fairclough (a player from 1983 to 1993) and someone else

more famous originals: Jim Van Roon and Wayne Scobie

 Team 1. Ross Matheson (60 min) 2. Brandan Vorstenbosch, 3. Jon Millington (60 min), 4.James Vienneau(45 min)5. Nick Lord and 40 min of prop , 6.  Martin Van Der Hurk , 7.  Dean Crozier (Kiwi I)l,  8. Vic Blaney ,  9. Austin Marck 42 min 10. Nick Lemieux (38 min), 10. Jake D"Achille (C) 11.Austin Marck (40 min - then to 9 for 30 min) 12.Will George 13. Derrick Weber , 14. James Peden  15. Cam Rhys 16. Nathan Bruch (10 min) 17 Dirk Reichow 40 min at flanker) 18 Chris Atkinson (20 min)19. Brad Vorsetenbosch(78 min), 22) Flipper (20 min)   

Game:   Cam kicked a penalty early but Wilnot went ahead on a good run by the fullback at about 23 minutes.  However at 30 minutes Can kicked his second penalty and we went into the second half with a slim lead.

Half time:  Grimsby Gentlemen 6: Wilmot Warthogs 5
Early in the second half Wilmot  scored a try under the posts to go up by six and five minutes later scored their third try to go up by eleven. However at fifteen minutes our comeback was started by Webs setting up Will to cross the line and score  under the posts. At thirty minutes a strong run by Cam led to an offload to Derrick for the try and we are ahead again.  However Wilmot comes back to score a penalty to regain the lead by two.  At thirty-five minutes Can slots a penalty to put us ahead for good and a late try by Vic and Cams second conversion results in an eight point win. 

Final:  Grimsby Gentlemen 28: Wilmot Warthogs 20

Well done, a famous come from behind win in front of the alumni (you cannot get better than that).  Great job by the backs, probably a toss up for man of the match between Derrick Weber and Cam Rhys.  Wilmot picked Cam because they know he cannot drink beer (we lost the beer off) but he scored thirteen points by the foot.  We picked Wilmot's eight man. 

Sassy touching down our first try
Webs going in with the second try
Vic heading for the final try
The team (and a couple of kids) 
I will write something about the 40th celebration soon ( as soon as I recover)

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