Monday, June 13, 2016

Chatham away

Gentlemen 0: Kent Havoc 36            


Venue:  215 Murray Street in Chatham (do not put in 215 Murray Street Chatham-Kent as you will be directed to Wallaceberg which is a whole other place).

Referee: John Weller from London.  Good job John.

Weather:  Kent always turns on the heat when Grimsby shows up. 32 degrees with a promise of thunderstorms which did not happen. (It was similar to last year but without the high humidity)

Attendance:  It was too hot for our supporters except for one( thanks to Nick Lord's dad: who we tried to get to play)

Team: 1. Nick Lord 2. Brendan Vorstenbosch, 3. Jon Millington, 4. Dirk Reichow, 5. James Vienneau, 6. M. Issing, 7. Chris Atkinson, 8. (wearing 7) Dean Crozier, 9. Austin Marck, 10. Jake D'Achille, 11. James Peden, 12. Vic Blaney, 13. Dakota Uhru, 14. Myron Jurychuk, 15. Will George.

Game:  On a warm day, the kick off for Kent did not go 10 and  the first of 5 scrums in the four minutes was called and since Grimsby was short a player in the scrum (we only had 14 players) we got pushed back all 5 serums.  Eventually got our hands on the ball and Dakota, as he likes to do,  took the ball for a hard run and injured his knee. He had to come off to be looked at.  This put us down to 13 players so at 10 minutes a kick to our depleted back line was not covered, and Kent scored in the corner. At about 14 minutes Kent managed a try between the posts and the overlap killed us with a return of a kickoff to the try line.  It looked like a rout was on but Dakota came back to the field and we managed to hold Kent and get into their end a couple of times.  We got some ball on our head and even stole a couple against and did well in the lineouts.  A penalty at 30 minutes from about thirty meters out was the only scoring in the rest of the half.

Half time: Grimsby Gentlemen 0: Kent Havoc 21

Kent was really interested in the bonus point and so did not give us a player until 10 minutes into the sceond quarter at which time they scored their fourth try.  Grimsby kept up the fight but heat, no subs, the long drive  and the effects of aging ligaments on some of the players meant we did not score at all but could have probably kicked a couple of penalties.  Kent scored with 25 minutes to go and put on all their fresh players.

Final: Grimsby Gentlemen 0: Kent Havoc 36.

Got no chance to play today

Dakota (with banged up knee) creating havoc with the Havoc
Thanks to those who made it to Chatham, you did well considering being down players, many of whom were playing out of position, no subs and the heat.  Congratulations to Dean who played several years younger and had a great time testing their defense at the rucks and who was recognized for it by being our man of the match.

Dean: deftly sidestepping between three opposition. 
We went back to the local Legion for cheap beer (old Vienna on draft just like Teddies) and very good lasagna. Austin was being annoying wanting the Legion ladies to remove all the mushrooms so one little old lady said if he ate a mushroom and went unconscious she would give him mouth to mouth. He ate all his mushrooms hoping and pretended to collapse. 

We ended the afternoon (at least I did for the ride home but Chris, Jon, Dean and Vic stayed the night which might take up a whole other blog; I am confident Chatham will survive) by singing the National Anthem  at the start of the live dancing music at the Legion ( I wish I didn't have to go home - dancing in the afternoon in the Legion - the place to be in Chatham.  Next time in Grimsby,  I pitch the song (it was too low) and we sing the politically correct version. 

Next up is Wilmot at home (our first home game) and our Fourtieth Anniversary Celebration with a day of flag players, an under 18 girl's game, an old boys game and Wilmot.  We will have music in the evening.

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