Friday, June 3, 2016

Brantford away

Grimsby Gentlemen 12: Brantford Harlequins III37

Venue:  George Jones field in Brantford (actually near Brantford in farm country)

Referee: Ian Stewart (our personal ref)

Weather:  about 31 degrees at Kick off - felt like 38 (almost Chatham like).

Attendance: supporters must have had trouble finding the field as we have not been here for seven years.

Team:  1. Ross Matheson (60 min) 2. Brandan Vorstenbosch(I think), 3. Jon Millington (60 min), 4.James Vienneau(40 min)5. Nick Lord and 40 min of prop , 6.  Chris Atkinson (15 min- injury), 7.  Dean Crozier (Kiwi I)l,  8. Vic Blaney ,  9. Nick Lemieux (40 min), 10. Jake D"Achille (C) 11.Austin Marck (40 min - then to 9 for 30 min) 12.Will George 13. Cam Ruys (40 min then to fullback for 40 min), 14. James Peden (first rugby game ever- 40 min) 15. Derrick Weber (40 min)16. Nathan Bruch (20 min at flanker - didn't like lunch- first rugby game), 17 Dirk Reichow 40 min at flanker) 18 Dakota Uhru (40 min tackling at center - first senior men's game) , 19 Myron Jurychuk (40 min- first senior men's game), 20 Martin Van Den Hurk (55 min at flanker and lock)  21. Brad Vorsetenbosch(40 min at wing) and 22. Bob Mavrothalasitis (20 min at flank). You are still thinking of men in a shower aren't you.

James II (first rugby game ever)

Myron (first senior men's game)
Nathan (first game ever)

Dakota (first senior men's game)- that's Jon in the background pretending to be a Muslim terrorist (which is always funny until a bomb goes off)

Game:  Good turnout for an away game and with the new players and it  was mentioned a lot of good things happened.  It is too bad we met up with a put- together talented team which had a lot of experience. (Barkley Luke played several years with Canada 7s and 15s a little over 10 years ago.) However they did have some old guys (one player I played against so he was in his sixties).  The game kicked off (as usual) and a bit of mishandling on our part led to an early try by Brantford and for the next twenty minutes we managed to hold our own and get into their territory a little although they were moving the ball well against our defense. After the water break at 20 minutes we had a bit of a defensive breakdown and in the next ten they scored three times.  During the half Jake had a good run but a weak pass stopped the break and Will had a great run near the end of the half that ran out of gas due to little support.

Half time score:  Grimsby Gentlemen 0: Brantford Harlequins 22

The expected comeback in the second half was overshadowed by their score with 35 minutes left in the half but about 5 minutes later the water inspector (formerly known as Nick Lord)  managed to touch down to put us on the board (I assume someone was keeping  track on the board - I forgot to look).  We kept at it with some great hard tackling by Dakota and Vic which made a couple of players wish they had gone with the firsts to Fletcher's. But about 15 minutes later Brantford, after some deft passing, touched down in the corner. We mustered an attack and Vic scored down over some very old guy and  Cam got the conversion.  The scoring was finished by Brantford with a try at time.  Brantford got 7 tries and we got 2.  They moved the ball well and we did not cover well.

Man of the match for Brantford was Barckley Luke amd they choose Vic Blaney (who got to keep the glass)

Next up Brantford again 00ps sorry Brantford cannot bring a team, good luck in Bruce this year. We will do a club cleanup this Saturday and have an friendly with ourselves.  Bring a towel as the magician reports showers will be ready.  Next game away in Chatham.

the stuff of magic
the magician

ball eating tree

Take that 

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