Sunday, June 1, 2014

Brooker Cup VIII

Grimsby Gentlemen 54: St. Catharines Tigers 10

Venue: Alway Field

Sponsors:  JJ Cores, ProFast and maybe Steamwhistle.

Referee : Jeff Dahl (well done Jeff)

Weather:  Sunny, warm day (mid twenties with enough breeze to make you not want to be bothered putting on sun block - but it was explained to me that it was not the sixties anymore - thanks Vanessa)
Congratulations "Grimsby roofers", the roof did not leak today.

Attendance: quick estimate would be in the hundreds

The first home game of the season and the great day brought out some former famous alumni.
Below is Martin Wolff (former long time fixtures) in the middle flanked by Dean Nasby (former president) on the left and Andy Breuls (former president).  Frank was around but came late.

Team: By Saturday morning we had 24 registered (Friday afternoon we had 17) with two unavailable: Jake D'Achille (away checking out the rugby team of which I was a founding member at Trent University) and Nick Lemieux (broken thumb: forgot the Frank Schilte first principle of rugby -" get someone else to tackle forwards")

1. Nick Lord, 2. Brendan Sculland (45 min), 3. Ross Matheson (first league game as a member of the club in 15 years) (75 min) , 4. Jeremy Young (40 min) , 5. Mark Woodgate (40 min) (first game with Grimsby), 6. Kyle Wilson(60 min), 7. Bob Mavro (40 min), 8. Adam Meehan(40 min) (first league game with Grimsby), 9. Derrick Weber, 10. Martin Colyn, 11. Will George(40 min) (high school student and first men's game), 12. Vic Blaney, 13. Dillon Trimble (first game with Grimsby), 14. Pat Brown, 15. Jamie Farrell,  16. Jon Millington (40 min), 17. Colin Comfort (40 min), 18. Martin Van Der Hurk(40 min), 19. Alex Easton(40 min)(back playing after 6 years retired), 20. Dirk Reichow (20 min), 21. James Vienneau (40 min), 22. Alex Millar(40 min). 


A rather ambitious (for us) pre-season meant that some people played in Buffalo and in Niagara (but not full teams). We cried off Rochester without enough players registered.  Out first game against Stoney Creek was not played last week, so this was the first actual full game the club put together this year.  And despite the fact that the opposition is in rebuilding mode and was not strong, we had a good afternoon.  Martin made a nice breaking run and Vic scored at 10 min with Derrick converting.  Six minutes later Pat broke open and got the ball to Dillon to score.  At 20 min Vic hit with a penalty kick and scored a try about 5 minutes later with Martin assisting. A blocked kick led to a long run and score by the Tigers. Then Derrick did the same thing as Vic a few minutes later (penalty then try).  Dillon scored his second try at the end of the half.

Half time score:   Grimsby Gentlemen 35: St Catharines Tigers 5

A lot of changes were made (subs came on - Dillon went to 9, Derrick to 10, Martin to 12 ,Vic to 8, Ross to 2 and it took a long time to get comfortable again.  The Tigers scored first with a long run and it was not until about 20 min in that Martin played for an interception and ran about 60 m for the score and conversion. 
Milli took advantage of playing only a half and burnt up the field. Martin scored his second a few minutes later.  The final score was a nice phase from the lineout inside the opposition 22, through  hands to Jamie coming from fullback. This try was converted by a drop kick by Dillon. 

Scoring (I think- there will be changes)

Derrick  1 T, 4 C, 1 P  (16 pts)
Dillon     2 T, 1 C         (12 pts)
Vic        2 T, 1 P          (13 pts)
Martin    2 T                 (10 pts)
Jamie      1 T                 (5 pts)

New players: Welcome to the new and long time missing players.  

Will (high school player)

Dillon (Brock University)

Alex (another former club president and a former soccer player)

Adam (has played everywhere)
Mark (a former Kiwi and Creek player)

Ross (in red) from our farm team in Stoney Creek

Player of the game (as selected by the Tigers) was Martin Colyn
Friends after the game

A lot of Brooker Cup records were set this year.

Most number of total points in a game  (64)
Most number of total tries in a game (9)
Most number of tries for one team (7)
Largest point differential  (44)

First in a series: Tats of the Team

Congratulations to the Beamsville Senior boys team who defeated McNabb of Hamilton to play Stamford of Niagara Falls in the SOSSA final and came from 10 points down only to lose in overtime. 

Also congratulations to the Beamsville Girls team who are seeded second at OFSAA in Belleville starting Monday June 2nd.  Well done girls. 

No sure what is going on here, but thought you could use your imagination. 

Hi Dink, made you read the whole thing to find your picture.  Jeff Innis has played in all the Brooker Cups for St. Catharines although he only comes to watch. He kicked the ball right at me after I took this picture. 

Next game a little harder against Crusaders in Oakville. 

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