Monday, June 11, 2012

Kitchener at home: (Week III of X)

Grimsby Gentlemen 5: Kitchener Knaves 23

Venue: Alway Park

Weather: A gentle rain all morning with about 7.5 mm falling that ended just at game tine although I wore my fashionable poncho all game.  Temp 23 degrees.  A bit of a wind in our faces in the second half.

Referee: Paul Byrne *** A very good game today, kept the clubs in line with a combination of skilled management and supreme fitness ( I found out he reads the blog).  He would have gotten four stars if we had won the game.

Attendance: With the other teams having the day off were were graciously paid a visit by a few former players who now play for our farm team, Stoney Creek. The individual who brought his own (expensive) beer will be tasered by Alex our police officer next time he shows his face. It was good attendance for starting out to be a rainy day.


1. Nick Lord, 2. Brad Vorstenbosch, 3. Jon Millington (50 min) , 4. Jeremy Young, 5. Bob Mavro, 6. Dean Crozier, 7. Dan Wolfrath, 8. Kyle Wilson (PL), 9. Nick Lemieux, 10. Derrick Weber (C)( 7 min), 11. Colin Comfort (40 min), 12. Vic Blaney, 13. Martin Colyn, 14. James Scully, 15. Alex Millar(40 min), 16. Tim Millar (no relation)(40 min), 17. Andy Breuls (73 min), 18. Pat Brown (40 min), 19. Dirk Reichow (25 min.) 22. James Vinneau (40 min)

It was nice having a few extra players for a change, although some are a bit strange. Andy is the one running in the opposite direction to every one else. Andy has, in three games,  played prop, flanker and center.

Coach's Report
We started off much bettethan last week, and were much better at the start in set pieces.  Unfortunately our captain and number 10 was lost in the first 7 min and had to get 8 stitches in his face. 

Andy came on in the center and Martin moved to 10 and both did very well for the rest of the game.  We scored first from some kind of a drive as Bob Mavro touched down over the whitewash (I have always wanted to write that, about the whitewash not Bob, although it is nice that Bob scored, but I digress).  Here is Bob just after the score. (He is still on the ground somewhere)

Unfortunately the game did not end then and although Grimsby seemed to have the better territorial advantage for the rest of the half we did not score again and Kitchener managed to cross the whitewash but also missed the convert.

Half Time Score:  Grimsby Gentlemen 5: Kitchener Knaves 5

After the interval, and using the wind Kitchener claimed two penalty kicks and managed to sneak in a converted try.  Then, after a series of plays during which it seemed we must score as almost every forward had a try at it, the Knaves, against the run of play, put the game out of reach with a final try.   Stronger game than last week, defense needs work and fitness needs to be improved.  We might have done better here, if Milli wasn't pushing against us. 

Or if Nick had put his socks on before the game started.

Man of the match was Nick Lord our young prop.  With honourable mention to Bob Mavro who was everywhere today. 

President's Report

Why is this man happy? (he actually is happy)

Is it because he was captain of the team that just won? Is it because the rain stopped and it turned into a nice day for rugby? Is it because he finally got his boots off? Or is it because Ken is the NRU fixtures secretary and at one point was worried about having to reschedule the entire league because Grimsby did not have enough registered players? All of the above.  We did well with five qualified spares which is a first for a long time. We have a nice core of young players mixed with some experience.  We will do well as the youngsters get used to men's rugby.  

It was a good day overall with Kitchener staying around for a little bit.  Thanks to Milli and  Bob for organizing the beer up, Vic for cooking, Elizabeth, Vanessa and Alex behind the bar.  Thank you Jennifer for making the salads again - they all went quickly.  

The Knave's pick for man of the match was Nick Lord and we picked their young fullback.  
In the traditional diet coke drink-off, (supervised by a police officer) Nick cleaned up and I think their player is still drinking.

Here is my latest favourite quote about rugby:

"We got the songs, we got the chants, we got the mates hugging, we got the mates kissing but we're still mates.  There arn’t many games where you would break a limb for a mate.  There arn’t many games where you shit in a mate's hand and still be mates."

                                                                 Oliver Blazeby (6 sometimes 7)
                                                                 from "Don't Drop the Egg"

Check out the shirts at The GENTS Rugby Rugby Union Club in Suffolk.

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