Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wilmot at home Week Eight

Grimsby Gentlemen a little : Wilmot Warthogs a lot

Record now 5 and 3 with no wins in July. Some one said that more is learnt in defeat than in victory,because often with victory comes arrogance and pride while, loss comes with humility and a need to workhard and smart for better results next time.
We should do great in August.

Venue: Alway Field

Referee:Andrew Nowak **

Weather: Tropical warm, humid, 30 degrees, kind of rainy

Attendance: did not hit the magical 500

Presidents Report: The president was fulfilling family obligations by going to a local wedding (under duress). You think you were hot, you should have been in church in Winona. So this report will be essentially hearsay and mostly made up.

Playing one player short for the full game, we had the ball in Wilmot's end for 80% of the time but three mistakes resulted in three long tries for Wilmot.

Half time score Grimsby 3: Wilmot 19

They scored early in the second half but we came back and had a certain try from a line out drive called back. See below.

In the second half, the heat and the numbers go to us and the score got run up. If something doesn't kill, you it makes you stronger or maims you forever.

It got a little too emotional for Milli and the Wilmot player.

Final Score Grimsby 3: Wilmot 43

Team: Jeremy Young, Dylan Kinch, Jon Millington, Scott Walker, Dean Gibson, Kyle Wilson, Martin Van Den Hurk, Nathan Rowbottom, Jon Jeske, Derrick Weber,Vic Blaney, Alex Stephenson, Jamie Scully, Bob Mavro,

An interesting event took place, I am told, during the beer up, when Greenpeace came along and threw water on this guy and tried to shove him back into the ocean.

Man of the Match as selected by Wilmot: Alex Stevenson. We all know which one Alex is in the picture (the one tackling from behind), but others may not.

From under the Willow:

Someone was having fun. What's with the Burlington shirt, anyway? Ben, tell your dad you won't hang around anyone dressed like that. How embarrassing.

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