Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Moment in History

A well-known story from the definitive and authorized, The History of Grimsby Gentlemen Rugby by W.W. Alway Vol II, 3rd Edition, is the one about the time, in the spring of 1953, Alway Public School was visited by Queen Juliana of The Netherlands. Now this was the old school before the present day building. The old building was over where the north end of the parking lot is now, near the willow. Although it was not officially noted at the time, but it has been reported that someone thought they overheard what she might have said as she looked over the playing fields of the school, "Forget about trying to teach kinden here," she stated with a only a suggestion of a Dutch accent, "this place would make a wonderbaar rugby pitch. You must build a field and clubhouse for the Gentlemen of Grimsby." (Some say this is how we got our name). It, however, took more than fifty years for her advice to become reality. She then began to demonstrate off loads to the junior classes.

The Dutch people, in thanks to the Canadian forces who liberated Holland, keep sending over tulips for the Canadian people. TULIPS!!! What on earth do you do with TULIPS. At least they should send HEINEKIN.

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