Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Guelph at home

For those of you following the schedule you might be wondering where the report on the Fergus game is that should have happened on July 6th.  There was no referee and they asked us to play a 1:30 start game at 4:20  and we were unable to.  Hopefully we will get to play the game.

Grimsby Gentlemen 50 (7): Guelph Redcoats 48 (8)
(Spectators got their money's worth of tries)

Venue: The hallowed ground of Alway which is a bit dry (the sprinklers have not been activated yet)

Our guardian wood nymph emerging from the tall grasses to bless the game

Weather: It was a bit warm (30 degrees) with a brisk wind from the South (as usual) (We played against the wind in the first half)

Referee: Our old friend from our first win this season, Jeff Dahl

Attendance: A multitude or a bit less

Spectators Andy and Greg are a little tired (ha-ha- thanks for doing that guys it gives me a chance to show my impressive wit)

Team: (wow nineteen players)

1) Chris Atkinson (40 min), (2) Brendan Vorstenbosch (80 min), (3) Jon Millington (40 min), (4) Ryan Montgomery (80 min - 40 at prop), (5) Vic Blaney (80 min- 40 at prop) (6) John Frasier (40 + 15 min), (7 or 8) Dean Crozier (80 min) , (8) Nick Lord (75 min), (9) Joe Faint (40 min also 40 at 13)
(10) Jake d'Achille (80 min), (11) Josh Thompson (40 min), (12) Will George (C) (40 min), (13) Dan Prentice-chowen (40 min and 40 at 9), 14) Joe Sanders (80 min) , 15) Laughlin Hill (80 min), 16) Adam Meehan (back after a couple of years playing in our feeder system - Oakville  - 40 min), 17) Kyle Wilson, back from Burlington again - (40 min), 18) Martin Van Den Hurk (40 min), 19) Nick Lemieux (back after two years parenting - 40 min and still looking forward to his first tackle)

The Good, The Bad and the Rugby

It did not start well we were down by three tries in the first 10 minutes (on the plus side we did get practice at receiving kickoffs which we needed).  Some of the boys got a chill as the other team breezed by. However there was some life in us (or at least Dan) who scored two tries at 14  and 17 minutes with conversions.  At the water break we were in the ballpark with Guelph and at 22 minutes Nick Lord touched down and not to be outdone by Dan, he scored again at 28 minutes.  It looked like the start of a rout but at the half Guelph came back and scored again.

Half time Score: Grimsby Gentlemen 26: Guelph Redcoats 24 (but hang on to your hat: we have the wind)

At 50 minutes Dan kicks a 35 meter penalty kick and at 55 minutes Dan scores and converts and then Will scores and Dan converts. We are running away with it except no one actually explained this to Guelph. Guelph then scored four tries in twenty minutes (two converted) to put them up by 5 points.  The last try was scored while Vic was off preparing the Barbecue as he got a yellow for two high tackles (he doesn't like to bend over any more). So with two minutes on the clock and a scrum at Guelph's 35 and the wind in our back, Dean picks up at the base of the scrum, off loads to Dan  who  avoids a slew of tacklers to score under the posts (just like it was diagrammed) to tie the game up .And while the whole world when silent, Dan kicked the conversion. to spoil Guelph's really good  attempt at comeback.

Final:  Grimsby Gentlemen 50 (Dan 35): Guelph Redcoats 48

 Will attracting three Redcoats

Nick touching down (someone buy him some black shorts)
Another high close score, another come from behind win and another yellow.

The happy group.

They come to us young and fit and we turn them into fat beer drinkers(are the glasses half full or almost empty.

A happy rugby family
Speaking of family, thanks to Jake, Will and Joe for coming to the club last Friday to clean the place for Saturday.  Well done

After a lot of away games we have a lot of home games.  Saturday July 20th we are at home to Niagara and the Brooker Cup. Music provided in the evening by John Mcfarland

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