Saturday, June 22, 2019

Niagara Away (June 22)

Grimsby Gentlemen 38:Niagara Wasps 39
(A small bump on our road to rugby dominance)

Record (going into today's game) Niagara was 3 and 1 with 15 points and Grimsby was 2 and 2 with 10 points.

It was nice to meet up again with Ian Matheson (Niagara's Coach) who originally started his rugby career with Grimsby.

Venue: Wasps new south field (2nd men's game on it) with their new repurposed shipping containers.

Weather: First full day of summer and warmish (23 degrees) with a slight breeze and no rain

Referee: Frank Lozano Guterrez and the Niagara number 9 - . both of them might have missed a few not straights

Attendance: We have a few avid Gentlemen supporters  who made the trip. (they wanted to get out of Grimsby and its traffic for the Happening (we did not get the call this year and did not get $500). Grimsby celebrities who made the trip included Ross, Easy and Dean. They got an exciting and close game.
Super fans


We were a little short as we usually are on Pride weekend.  
(1) Chris Atkinson (member of the props who kick and chase) (80 min), (2) Chris Goulding (60 min) (3) Jon Millington (member of props who do not kick club but score tries (80 min) (4) Martin Van Den Hurk (ran out of his shoes last week) (80 min: except for changing his shoes (5) Vic Blaney (80 min), (6) John Frasier (65 min: injured) (7) Brendan Vorstenbosch (80 min), (8) Derrick Weber (promoted to the forwards where careers last longer it seems) (80 min), (9) Dan Prentice-Chowen(80 min) (his Dad (Dave) was at the game, (10) Jake D"Achille(80 min except to get his head taped up - will need stitches), (11) Josh Thompson (stopped a three man over lap by himself) (80 min), (12) Will George (C) (80 min), (13) Sean Fraser (60 min: injured), (14) Joe Sanders (80 min), (15) Laughlin Hill (80 min), (16) Nick Lord (12 min : 10 for blood sub then just long enough to get a yellow card), (17) Ryan Montgomery (was on for about 60 min but I don't know who for). 

Chris: (English Bloke) played against  Sarnis at home: but my camera battery was not charged up.

Sean (Brock Bloke) originally from Sarnia (same excuse as above)

For starters we messed up the opening kickoff and let them retrieve it.  They then kept the ball for 3 minutes when they scored a converted try. We kicked off and managed to keep it in their end until a little loop  between Jake and Will froze their defence and sent Sean in under the posts (well close to). Dan converted.  Niagara was lucky because they got to kick off again and we knocked on which gave them the ball again and at 10 minutes they scored an unconverted try.  At 20 minutes the Wasps scored another unconverted try. However at 25 minutes we got a little back and Sean scored again (missed the build up) and Dan converted. At about 30 minutes Dan makes a long run only to have the referee decide the ball was held up so it took a couple of minutes for Dan to finally score  and convert. Niagara kicks off and we catch it (yea!) but we go out of bounds (boo!) With little time left in the half Laughlin makes a nice evasive run and scores (Dan bounces it off the posts.) 

Half time score:

At about 48 minutes Milli picks up behind a ruck at their one meter line  and falls into the endzone to score (Dan misses again). Then we kind of go off the boil and a bad throw (it was crooked ref) goes to player at the end of the lineout and he scampers in for a converted try.  Then at 65 minutes another crooked throw to the same guy scores an unconverted try. .  Niagara then gets a yellow for a high tackle. We do not take advantage and a Niagara pick up from the back of the ruck  to the blind side (I was not expecting that as there was very little room) and a dive to just get the ball down in the corner to put them 8 ahead.. We lose a player to injury and Nick comes on with some energy (he was on load management protocol) and immediately gets a yellow.  At the death while defending our line, Dan scoops a loose ball and out runs the Niagara team to score and convert

Final Score: Grimsby Gentlemen 38 (6): Niagara Wasps 39 (7) -  so close.


Dan 2 tries and 4 converts (18 points), Sean 2 tries, Laughlin 1 try, Milli 1 try 


When our backs can get the ball we can run with any team.  Not counting our first two games,  we have scored an average of 44 points a game but we are letting in 34 points which will cause problems in close games like this one. We got 2 bonus points but Niagara picked up 5 points in the standings. The forwards are holding their own for the most part in scrums and we seem to be doing well in our rucks. Niagara kicked off to our forwards 8 times and I think we made a different error 6 times (they get the ball back). We continue our trend of getting a yellow in every game that has lasted over 20 minutes.. Nick atoned ahead of time for his yellow by cleaning the floors of the club last Thursday. 

Man of the match: Jon Millington

Next game is after the long weekend (July 6th) so we have time to practice kickoff receiving and we are in Fergus against a not very good team  (by results) but we still need to go with numbers.  We have played 5 games with the next one away and 4 straight at home

Chris picking up some Spanish language tips

Dan about to not score a try

Milli (no number) about to score a try

This is how it's done Dan

So my son (Mike) comes to visit last week (he had to it was Father's Day) in a new pair of shorts and he was complaining that you could not get shorts that covered the knee like he had been getting forever. So that means all my shorts are in style again.  Maybe the old style rugby shorts will  be back soon. 

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