Saturday, July 27, 2019

Brooker Cup at home

 The thirteenth edition of the Brooker Cup was played against Niagara at our field since we beat them last year with a very close last minute win in Niagara (we even borrowed a couple of their players).

Niagara Coach Ian Matheson - learned his rugby in Grimsby- notice he is  not touching the Brooker Cup before the game (I touched it)

Grimsby Gentlemen 24: Niagara Wasps 50

(not as close as the last time we played them)

Venue: Alway Field

Weather: Very warm (31 degrees which felt like 40).

Referee: Frank Lozano Cuterrez (last minute - we did not have a referee until Friday) but all we really needed was their fullback and the guy with his arm up
If you did not like Franks refereeing just remember he has your playing on video. 

Attendance: quite good (less than a host) considering the heat.


1) Chris Atkinson (40 min), (2) Brendan Vorstenbosch (80 min), (3) Jon Millington (80 min), (4) Ryan Montgomery (80 min - 40 at prop), (5) Vic Blaney (80 min- 40 at flank) (6) John Frasier (40 + 15 min), (7) Dean Crozier (80 min) , (8) Adam Mehan (30 min), (9) Joe Faint (40 min)  10) Derrick Weber (80 min), (11) Josh Thompson (80 min), (12) Will George (C) (80 min), (13) Dan Prentice-chowen (40 min and 40 at 9), 14) Joe Sanders (40 min) , 15) Laughlin Hill (80 min), 16) Nick Lord(40 min - heat related ) 17) Kyle Wilson, back from Burlington again - (40 min), 18) Martin Van Den Hurk (40 min), 19) Nick Lemieux (40 min), 20) Sean Fraser (back from injury -40 min)

The Good, The Bad and The Rugby

As is our wont we went down two tries in the first fifteen minutes but at 20 minutes Dean pushed over for our first try. Dan converted and we thought we were on our way but Niagara controlled the rest of the half and scored three times.

Half time score: Grimsby Gentlemen 7, Niagara Wasps 29 and we set a new record for balls kicked into the bush.

Our plan B was to score more often than them in the second and we did narrow the gap by scoring in the first 2 minutes from a ruck deep in Niagara's end and quickly out from Derrick to Nick Lemieux for his first score in a while (years).  At 6 minutes Dan scored on the edge and we were creeping up. But Niagara kept on coming and scored three tries the next ten minutes.  The final play of the game we had Derrick kick down field and a nice bounce to Will which let him gather the ball anc score.

Final score Grimsby Gentlemen 24 but Niagara Wasps got 50 (our usual second half comeback faltered)

We kicked a ball into the bushes right about there.
Dan touching down with Brendon, Milli and Kyle coming along behind.

Joe blocks kick and Dean scores
Don't know what is going on here - make your own caption

Looks like vic needs a repair

Dean gets man of the match (he wins)
Thanks to Vic for cooking and Lindsay and Erin for salads.

In the evening we had John McFarland playing oldies and Irish music at the club. He did well but not many attended (I think the heat got to them)

Next game on Thursday at home against Fergus (I already know the score because I am late with this post) and Dean has to drink again (he loses)

This is a small reminder that I should not leave my camera unattended. 
o drink again (he loses)

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