Thursday, August 13, 2015

Windsor at home

Grimsby Gentlemen First IV 15: Windsor Rouges 31

Venue: Alway Park - a little greener but more foliage on the sides.Kick off at 1:00 (one half hour later in GGT: the Grimsby Gentlemen Time Zone) The last time we played Windsor at home was May 29th 2010 and we won 22 - 10 with Scott Flemming (Flipper) refereeing.


Referee: Ian Stewart (not Flipper)

Weather24 degrees lightly cloudy, light wind (oh maybe that was today)

Attendance: Lots of chatter about the game in Grimsby, lots of interest, lots of casual walk ups, lots of people with dogs


Team:  1. Ross Matheson, 2. Brandan Sculland, 3. Jon Millington, 4.Jeremy Young, 5. Bob Mavro, 6.  Dirk Reichow , 7.  Martin Van Der Hurk,  8. Duncan Earl,  9. Derrick Weber, 10. Jamie Farell, 11. Sam MGee  12. Vic Blaney  13.  Heri Lewssoh, 21. James Vinneau, 15. Austin Marck, 16. T.J. Cole 

Thanks to T.J. for registering this late in the season. 


Team huddle showing Duncan's new rugby league socks

At 9 min ball lost in bushes, at 10 min ball lost in bushes, at 15 min ball lost in bushes but first ball found. The game basically goes like that we put a lot of pressure in the first couple of minutes with a lineout deep in Windsor territory but we were not able to score.  Windsor takes the ball down and at 11 mins scores their first try with a nice block of the conversion by James.  At 16 min the Rogues score again   and this time do convert.  The next minutes are a good game with Windsor playing the more kicking and attacking game.  We hold them out until near the end of the first half until Windsor scores in the corner after a penalty and some missed tackles.  

Half time score: Grimsby Gentlemen 0: Windsor Rogues 17

Then about 5 min after half time Windsor scores again to put them way ahead and it looks like the rout is on.  However at 10 min Duncan bowls himself over to put us on the board but Windsor replies about 5 min later to score again.  However back we come and a good drive from a lineout leads to another try by Webs at 60 min and again at 70 min we score a push over try with Webs touching down.   However at 65 min after an errant kick down the middle of the field, Windsor's fullback slots a dropkick from almost half way.  We don't see many drop kicks attempted let alone scored in our league.  

Final score: Grimsby Gentlemen 15: Windsor Rouges 31.

It was a good game for us after a slow start to score three tries to their two in the second half.  



almost through

almost eluding

almost scoring
It looks like their man on the match just edges out our man of the match.
(Vic claims that his glass is coming down and he won)

After the game an enjoyable first adult  flag rugby evening: (other pictures were a little dark)

From a new video from Evolve Functional Fitness:
"In rugby out strength is in our numbers, not  because they define us but because how we wear them defines the team.  In rugby the game is bigger than us all. "  So true. 

 Just in: Canadian sets beer mile world record:
On Friday, Canadian Lewis Kent set a new world record for the fastest beer mile with a time of four minutes and 55.8 seconds, according to the Telegraph. Kent’s record came less than 24 hours after Australian Josh Harris set a short-lived record of four minutes and 56.2 seconds, according to Sports Illustrated. Both times are awaiting confirmation by, the governing body that sets the official rules for the beer mile.
A beer mile involves drinking a 12-ounce beer of at least 5 percent ABV, running a lap around a 400-meter track, and then repeating the process three more times for a total of four beers in one mile. Competitors who vomit during the race must complete an extra lap to qualify their results. 
Thirty-six days, one hour, fifty two  minutes , thirty-four seconds until the world cup. 

Twenty-five days, twenty hours, fifty- two minutes, thirty seconds  until school starts. 

Qnce again weirdness - fifteen days from the last spike we have 122 hits as of now (and probably more to come today) ; we had 15 hits yesterday. 

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