Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bruce Away

Grimsby Gentlemen 7: Bruce County Barbarians 53

Bruce County: Where windmills go for the summer. 
Tiverton District Sports Center :  Bruce has built two fields on the grounds of the Tiverton Arena and got a Trillium grant to put in irrigation.  They use the Arena for change rooms and beer ups. A nice facility.

Referee: Mark Glendon from London.

Weather: 24 degrees

Attendance:  only me again (water boy, assistant referee, chronicler, chauffeur  and booster)

Team1. Nick Lord, 2. Ross Matheson,  3. Jon Millington, 4. Bob Mavro, 5. Dirk Reichow 6. Brendan Sculland, 8.  Duncan Earl, 8. Drew Redmond, 9. Jeremy Inglis (just passing through), 10. Jamie  Farrell, e, 11. James Vinneau, 12. Vic Blaney, 13. Heri Lewssoh,  14. Austin Marck, 15.. Derrick Weber., 16. No one named Bruce (but they don't either) 

Game:  No pictures (remember the rain last week).  

The game does not start until 1:45 as their jerseys are not there (the irony is not lost on us).  Nothing much interesting happens from our point of view until at about twenty minutes after one of their tries we manage with the help of a penalty to get the ball into their end and as they try a clearing kick from their five it is blocked by one of their players and it falls in front of Drew who falls on it for his first score for Grimsby.  Webs converts to put us back in the game for a few minutes.  Ultimately they score 9 tries but their are times when we are playing well (not much offence) but spoiling their ball and forcing them to make errors.  They score right at the half  and at the end of the game but not until 22 minutes of the second half.  

Anyway it was an effort but we made the trip with 15 players.  We have only played in Bruce once before (August 21 2010)and then we only brought 9 players.  We played one other time in a fall league combined with St. Catharrines but did not send many more players. Since then Bruce had won the division, grown to two teams, played up in the NRU A, lost their second team a couple of years ago and dropped to the NRU B (with us) this year. 

Vic was awarded man of the match by Bruce which we won, and we had a beer can joust with Jamie and Vic (which we lost maybe -  the rules were not determined before the start).  

A week off for the Pan-am games and they another long trip to Chatham. 

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