Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bruce at home

Grimsby Gentlemen 12: Bruce County Barbarians 21? (not sure how you get 21 when they scored 4 tries)

Venue:  Alway Field (nice and green and soft)

Weather:  Monsoons came early this year.
a little foggy and wet in warm up
Referee:  Ian Stewart

Attendance:  For the middle of a rainstorm and the distance there were a number of Bruce supporters, our were a little low (actually none except me)  but it always happens Pride Weekend especially the Dyke Parade Day.

Team: 1. Ross Matheson, 2. Brandan Sculland, 3. Jon Millington, 4. Martin Van Der Hurk, 5. Nick Lord, 6. Duncan Earl, 7.  Dirk Reichow  8. Vic Blaney, 9. Nick Lemieux, 10. Jake D'Achille, 11. James Vinneau, 12. Heri Lewssoh, 13.  Jamie Farrell, 14. A., Nother 15. Derrick Weber., 16. W. Hoever 16. No one named Bruce on our team.


Only a few pictures as it was raining and wanted to protect the camera (I had to run touch and bring water also) but it didn't work and the camera got wet anyway. I also did not take notes and it has been awhile but I think the game went as follows.

 Bruce scored in the first few minutes as we only had 13 men on the field. Sometimes it is easier to get your team 222 km to a game on time than it is to get your team to the home field (but not really).  One of our players was forgotten to be picked up and another really did not want to play because of injury but eventually got on the field.  Bruce scored again near the end of the half but in between it was a pretty even game.

Half time score:  Grimsby Gentlemen 0: Bruce County Barbarians 10

In the second half, Grimsby started strong and with strong running by Vic (actually I don't know who but it is usually Vic) we scored early to get closer.  Then at about 60 min Jake made a great break from our own end and passed to Jamie who touched down in the middle of the posts and with the conversion we went ahead.  There was much consternation amongst the Bruce as they thought they were much fitter than us and then showed they were by scoring twice in the final ten minutes to end a good game.

Final Grimsby Gentlemen 12: Bruce County Barbarians   21? (they send the score in)

Well done Grimsby - the early try - try taken held up - we were missing some players otherwise it could have been an improbably victory.
Try held up first half. 

Well done Bruce for making it the whole way with supporters and they stayed at the beer up for a long time.

Next week we travel to Bruce.

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