Tuesday, December 9, 2014

AGM 2014

The Grimsby Gentlemen Rugby Football club had their 2014 annual general meeting on Monday Nov 3rd.    Reports were tabled and a new board for 2015 was elected.  

 Bill Stuart was elected President (again)

What your well-dressed coach wears.
Vic Blaney is again Social Secretary

I really need a beer.
For his third year,  Dirk Reichow was elected Secretary

Do you have any beer in there?

Adam Meehan was elected for the first time as Treasurer. 


  Ross Matheson became Club Manager.

I bet I can get that beer or am I hallucinating. 

 Brendan Vorstenboch is once again Clubhouse Manager

More Beer

 Nick Lemieux is repeating as Fixtures

If you all leave me alone, I will buy you a beer. 

James Vinneau is Junior co-ordinator for the fourth year.

This is how I hold my beer. 

This year we won three games while losing seven but gave some of the winning team some good games.  We added six new players (3 veterans (oldish) and 3 youngsters) but remained with about the same  number of players.  The hoped for women's team failed before the season started (not enough players) and we did not have any junior rugby.  The flag program expanded by ten or so players this year and looks good for the future. 
We are excited for our Trillium grant which gave us $66 000 to repair and add change rooms to the clubhouse. We have put on a new roof (almost) and fixed the water damage inside.  A new paint job is going on and the floors are being put in.   We also look forward to the start-up of a boy's rugby team at Blessed Trinity High School as a way of introducing rugby to young players in Grimsby. 


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