Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year's 2013

This year's New Year's Touch Rugby Game and Chili Contest took place on January 1 (again), only this year with lots of snow and a temperature of -4.  I thought there were 19 players but there are only 18 in the picture so one might be buried.  A classic game with lots of skill by the wily old veterans and lots of energy from the younger players (the age range was 14 to 55). The best New Years game ever ended in a 8 to 7 win for the good guys.    We had another player in the clubhouse but he couldn't take the brightness.

a little action
perhaps a little to much action and way to bright
an oldie against a youngie
After about an hour and a bit the players came in for some warm chili.  We had five chilies in the contest this year and our three expert panel (who were not bribed in any way -although they expected to be). The winning chili was one with a wonderful blend of ingredients  and an exceptional chiliness. This was made by one of our newest members (and youngest) - Nick Lord.

Nick is holding the Bob Mavro "Indian Princess of Chili Award (Hot Princess)" along with the four second place finishers from left Mille, Vic, Brendan and to Nick's right Webs.  The award suddenly appeared to Bob at 3 in the morning in a pizza joint in downtown Buffalo several years ago and he graciously presented it to the club.

Most of the exercise done by the players that day, however, was pushing cars out of the parking lot as it had not been plowed.

This blog was started 4 years ago and 11 137 page views have taken place.  This is 5013 more than last year at this time (so we almost doubled our total hits in one year).  The largest hit has been Wilmot away in September of 2010 with 327.  Our largest hit in the past  year was the report of the New Years 2012 game with 63 hits. Most of the hits are from Canada with U.S following then the United Kingdom.  But there are 287 from Russia, 112 from Serbia and 63 from Israel.  Most are probably by accident but for those hard core followers we wish you all a happy and prosperous 2013 with lots of good rugby.  


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