Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Club Dinner 2012

Trouble: with a capital  T that rhymes with P and that stands for Pool 

We had difficulty this year in finding a suitable venue for the annual Christmas/Awards dinner this year as places in Grimsby where we have been in the past have either gone out of business, are no longer suitable or in the case of the room for the last three years  finally decided they do not want us back.  Anyway, three years was a good run for us.  Jeremy thought that there was a room in the basement of the local pool hall which was a former Baptist Church that had converted into something useful (no offence).  Just in case they had heard of us, we booked the room under the name of the Grimsby Gentlemen Men's Precision Skating Club and spoke of spirals and spins, Lutz and Salchow jumps and what colour of sequins should be on our next outfits. We rented the place, they arranged the caterers and so with trepidation on Dec 8th we showed up at Different Strokes for 7:00 with dinner at 8:00.

We had 28 present with 20 of our 23 players this year attending (one was working. We had a table of old boys including two life members Bill Stabler (2005) and Paul Rohner (2007) along with Wayne Scobie and Brad Toth who are familiar with the formation of the club in 1977.  We were also graced with our only paid up social member in Elizabeth Blaney.  The rest were designated drivers.

Our awards went well with Nick Lord (a high school student) getting Junior Player of the Year for playing prop almost every game against men in the Niagara League.

Nick Lord - Junior Player of the Year

Most improved player went to Dirk Reichow, who just started the game a year ago.

Dirk Reichow - Most Improved Player

Rookie of the Year went to Pat Brown who really picked up the game at fullback.

Pat Brown - Rookie of the Year

This year the Player of the Year award went to Derrick Weber who also took the honour in 2010 and it was presented by Club Manager Kyle Wilson.

That's Derrick  on the right, Kyle in the middle and somehow Bob got in the picture. 
Clubman of the Year is our highest honour and is given to someone who gives a little extra to make the club better.  This year James Vinneau took on a section of the flag program (u 14s) and worked with them to make them into one of the better teams in the league.  James is also working on setting up an u 12 contact program for the club next year and has taken on the position of junior co-ordinator.

James - Clubman of the Year
We also gave out the Deer's Rear Award to a player who does something outrageous on the field.  This year Nick Lemieux while playing #9 against Hamilton, threw a pass to the #10 Martin Colyn which ended up a little behind Martin.  The ball was knocked backwards and Martin turned to pick it up.  Nick ran over and decided to kick the ball off the ground and it ended up driving it into Martin`s face who dropped to the ground like he was shot.  Big oohs from the Hamilton spectators.  Sometimes picking these things is just so easy We have the whole episode on video and if I can ever figure out how to get it on here I will.  .

Nick with Deer's Rear Award (the thing around his neck)

This year we have the award with no name or actual award but was essentially given for some outrageous action off the field but with the rugby group.  Up for this award this year were the two plumber brothers who could not find Stratford (even though thousands of people do every summer) even with GPS and phoned instructions.  Or Brendan who falls asleep in a pub and gets the whole group kicked out.  But the best goes to Derrick Weber who in trying to table surf last year broke the table, slapped the bartender with a handful of vaseline and almost killed himself (we have it on a camera phone but don't know how to download it).
Someday it will appear here - wait for it.

Bob and Kyle presenting their own awards - but they can write their own blog
The rest of the evening went well (namely I don't have a letter to write this year to anyone), Bob and Kyle presented their kooky awards, . Vic got undressed and tried on his new underwear as usual. 

To add some culture I read a poem by Les Barker "Dachshunds with Erections Can't Climb Stairs" and a "Rugby Players Guide to Keeping Coaches in Line"

Alex wrote on my card and made me read (he is after all a cop - whom I always obey)  

"Everybody laughed at Grandpa that morning he got up at 6 am to go fishing; however nobody laughed that evening he returned home with the town whore."  

Lauri wrote:  "May God grant you  many years to live for sure he must be knowing, the earth has angels all too few, and heaven is overflowing."  She thinks I'm old and going to die especially when we dance and I have to feint a heart attack to stop. 

By the way Alex and Lauri, our poetry couple, are getting married real soon, like by the time you read this and are on a cruise for their honeymoon.  Everyone at the club wishes them a long and happy life together.
Kids - those are not real cigarettes 

Afterward the younger members went home and probably straight to bed, while many of the others made the traditional trek to the Legion, some to spread Christmas joy amongst the Legionaries and others check out the cougars.  There was an altercation with one of the bouncers but surprisingly none of the rugby club were involved.  A few stayed at the hall and played darts with the bar keep until 3:00 when she finally kicked them out. The Grimsby Men's Precision Skating Club will probably have their 2013 dinner at the same place.  Please attend.

Thanks for the card and the gift.

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