Friday, June 23, 2017

Club Dinner 2016

This year the 2016 Club Dinner was held in 2017. We get things done - but slowly.

Thirty-five attended and had a good time but not so good we had to carry anyone home (although many were picked up and driven home).
Older players who are smart enough not to play anymore (except Chris)

Katie is a little bored (this is her second year)

Vic is wondering why is is standing alone at the bar. 

The annual awards:
Rookie of the Year went to Myron Jurychuk who learned the game quickly and whose claim to fame is that he is the member who lives closest to the club (he also built the new shelves and drawers in the bar).


Most improved went to Will George one of our centers. This was Will's second year with the club with a year with our farm team (Stoney Creek) in between, This award was presented by our club manager Ross Matheson.

Will and Ross
Player of the year went to our Captain Jake D'Achille who took over the 10 position and did very well.  He was away at school in Peterborough so Ross drank his beer. 

Clubman of the year was presented to Chris Atkinson, who after many years away returned at stepped into the Secretary role with the club and worked very hard on the 40th anniversary. 

Thanks Chris.
 Our unanimous selection for Deer's Rear (doing the most silly or awkward thing on the field) was unable to be there but got his award for attempting a pick and go from the base of a ruck on the one meter line but forgetting to check on the opposing forwards.  He went to the side with both their props and the next ruck was five meters back.  Well done Austin.

Kyle and Bob of the famous Bob-Kyle Awards gives James I his Miss Congeniality award (the chain of pink hearts)
James I got the Miss Congeniality award for almost getting a red card (it would have been our first in years) - get got the card and was sent off but the ref (new) found out how much work it was to red card someone and did not report it.  In a sport of roughness James was a little too rough.

The members who "carried" Frank for years

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