Friday, June 23, 2017

Burlington tournament April 29th

Aside from being a very wet spring it has not be a good one for numbers with the club. We played in a tournament in Burlington on April 29th and since the playing insurance was paid we retrieved a number of players (because we needed the numbers) for one day and added a few new ones.

Ian played his first game for the club after many years away from the game.

Tom played his first game for Grimsby since High School and got injured (ribs, sternum)on the first play (played for the next three games), but has not been able to play since.  

Ben Jeske played his first game for the club and the first in several years (Ben is from Edmonton and is the brother of former Gentlemen Jon Jeske)

Erick, Sam and Duncan came from London and Mississauga to play.  They played for the club two years ago but now are busy working and playing that other code (rugby league)

Other guest players were Adam who occasionally plays with us and Tom a big prop from the military.  The front row of  Tom (army) Vic and Nick as a sight to behold. We felt this was just for fun and did not keep score but the other teams did and we did not win the tournament. 

Good time overall. 

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