Monday, July 11, 2011

Norfolk at home Week Seven

Grimsby Gentlemen 0: Norfolk Harvesters 39

Referee: Nick Carbone (a little late due to traffic: start 1:40)

Weather: Warmish 25 degrees, clear, so clear you could see the individual blades of grass or that might have been from the oxycodon I was on

Attendance: not as many as the blades of grass

Team: Jon Millington, Brendan Sculland, Nick Howe, Jeremy Young, Dean Gibson, Bob Mavro, Martin Van Der Hurk, Kyle Wilson, Derrick Weber, Trevor Trotman,
Vic Blaney, Martin Colyn, James Vinneau, Jamie Scully, Alex Millar, Nathan Rowbottom (we now have 27 registered players - about 7 more than last year at this time-
but we only have sixteen today
Some of the Causualties

Unfortunately, we had to go well down in our depth chart for our 10 today. I only saw the first half which did not look that bad and Vic played very well in the loss for his first time leading the offence especially since he is naturally a back row.

It took over twenty minutes for Norfolk to score first and even though they generally controlled possession did not look that impressive. They started to chip kick which put some pressure on our backs and scored again with a couple of minutes left in the half and again on the half.

Half time score; Grimsby Gentlemen 0: Norfolk Harvesters 17

Missed the second half as my drugs were wearing off - if anyone remembers anything interesting tell me and I will add it

Last year we played Norfolk in Norfolk in week six and lost a close one in the last minute 7-0 and again we only had sixteen players at that game. However 5 of those players are not with the club for various reasons (Frank Della Fortuna, Alex Stevenson, James Tulloch, Scotty Walker, and Jon Jeske) So we have made those numbers up and had several serious injuries (4)to cover for. Also 5 of the new players are 21 or under. Norfolk is better this year and is leading the Niagara B league. We are coming along.

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