Thursday, December 23, 2010

Letter to the Grimsby Legion

Grimsby Gentlemen Rugby Football Club
494 Ridge Ridge Road West
Grimsby, On

Royal Canadian Legion
West Lincoln Branch 127
233 Elizabeth Street
Grimsby On

Dear Sir (or Madam)

First let me congratulate you for all the work you and your group have done with the veterans of foreign wars and peace actions and also your work in the community. You are doing a wonderful job.

I am writing commend you on the actions of your security people who have worked the last couple of years when our group the Grimsby Gentlemen Rugby Football club have come in. Every year we have our annual awards night and the tradition is that after the awards we head for the Legion drink a few more beers at more reasonable prices (how do you do that?) and to cheer up any veterans and others who are present.

We now realize that you are not allowed to be on the dance floor with drinks and most of the members are aware of this rule. Warning a person 6 times and they still do not comply, I believe justifies their ejection and has nothing at all to do with their race. And thank you for not allowing him back in with his cigar, as we all know how dangerous fires are at the Legion. This year it seems to have gotten out of hand (I was not there), but I do accept that nudity should not be permitted in a public place (unless all agree of course). Now I am sure you realized that there was the alcohol factor and we have to look at the natural exuberance of young (well, middle-aged young) men. So I am glad your security did not call the police or anything like that and I suspect they had a good laugh later on. After all, you have to admit, when you think about, it "I dare you to tackle a naked man" is funny (maybe not right then but later).

I would also like you to congratulate the D.J. She played some gay (joyful) Greek Island dance music (gay) for the our members. She did not have to do that.

While we are on the topic, we were thinking that next year we might rent a room for our Christmas/Awards dinner in 2011 right at the legion and save the travelling. Perhaps I could come in and get the types of meals you provide and costs. This would not happen until next December so you have lots of time to consider it (I think we would like to avoid Santa Claus Parade Night).

Thanks for all the good works you do and please remember to give my personal congratulations to your security for their restraint and tell them if I ever need any security, I would hire them. Same goes for the D.J.

Yours sincerely,
Bill Stuart
Grimsby Gentlemen Rugby Football Club

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