Thursday, December 23, 2010

Awards night 2010

For the second year, as we haven't pissed off management or the waitresses yet (almost), the Grimsby Gentlemen RFC Awards night was held at Nathan's Depot Pub in Grimsby with about 300 attending.

Jon Millington on the left below was presented with the Clubman of the year award by last year's winner Bob Mavro.

Player of the year for 2010 was Derrick Weber on left, presented by Club Manager Kyle Wilson

Comeback players of the year was Martin Van Der Hurk being presented with the award by President Bill Stuart in the great vest and tie.

Most improved player Jamie Scully honoured by Captain Dereck Weber.

Michael Stuart won the rarely given out Fall-Down award as he got hurt before the season started and did not play a game.

The coveted Deer's Rear Award was won by Derrick Weber for his perfect pass to the opposition St. Catharines which allowed them to score when suddenly he realized that we might win the game after all. Derrick had he promised to buy a keg if we won. His scheme did not work and we won anyway.

Some table surfing was tried later on. (no winner was declared)

Later on we all went over to the Legion (see next blog) to wish the veterans there a happy holiday. Unfortunately no pictures are as yet available.

In Sports History (Club dinner 2009)

In the following picture, one of the following things is happeing.

a. The person on top is demonstrating a Greek wrestling hold.

b. The person on bottom is getting a Greek lap dance.

c. The person on top showing his latest Greek expilation procedure.

d. Or you many not want to look.

Warning this picture is rated only for mature members over 14 or with parent's permission.

In other words (d) is the most correct answer.

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