Monday, June 8, 2009

Wilmot Away

At Wilmot on Saturday June 6

Grimsby Gentlemen 0: Wilmot Warthogs 28 (default score)

Referee Adam Wilhelm

Conditions: a great day for rugby (not so good for Grimsby)

President's Report:

Our first away game this season, saw us travel with only thirteen players. Injuries, work, other led to a undersized squad. We borrowed a couple of players and had an exhibition game which turned out to be entertaining for most of the game. The score at the half was only 12 to 8 for the opposition with Mike ? borrowed from the other team scoring our first try of the season and his for Grimsby (this lead to a Zulu). Wilmot put in some stronger players and scored 4 tries in the second half.

Players: Nathan Rowbottom, Mark Hall, Jon Millington, Jeremy Young, Kevin Murphy, Joel Leonard, Bob Mavro, Vic Blaney, Jon Jeske, Derrick Weber(C), Chris Sears, Kevin Erb and Alex Millar

Coaches Report

Not much to say, it is very difficult for us to do well with only thirteen players.
Mark Hall was conscripted into Hooker and we may never get him out of there. We did have some difficulty on our own ball, but managed to push their pack around a few times. The back row did a yeoman's job of stopping their short game. Great games were again played by Jon J. at 9 and Vic B. at 8.

Coaches man of the match: Joel Leonard
Our pick for man of the match: their and our winger (Mike)
Their pick: Vic Blaney

Next game at home to Kent on June 13.

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