Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cambridge Away

Grimsby Gentlemen 12: Cambridge Pirates 38

Referee: Scott Flemming

Weather: Rained in the morning and all the way up, but stopped when we got there and turned warm and muggy. The field was in great shape.

Attendance: Small but vocal, our supporters bus must have got lost.

Presidents Report: Once again for the second away game we end up short players. Thank you to all of those who did make the effort. We showed up with 14 and Cambridge loaned us a flanker to put on the wing (he kind of tried). We did not seem to be able to get into the game and were immediately put on the back foot by good attacking moves in the backs by Cambridge. It was often like a touch game as we did not tackle well and let the opponents run through us. Cambridge scored after about 3 min and then again 5 min later after a quick penalty. They scored three more times in the half and converted 4 of them.

First half game score: Grimsby Gentlemen 0; Cambridge 33

However, a different team showed up in the second half and we began to shut them down and they could not run as much against us. There was no score for the first 35 min of the half and then Mike S. picked up a loose ball on their 5 m line and scored. This caused Cambridge to come alive and in a couple of minutes scored again. However, Grimsby was not done and Mike scored his second of the game after the forwards (Jon Millington) did a great job attacking with the ball. Derrick W. converted.

Second half game score: Grimsby 12; Cambridge 5

Unfortunately. we have to add the half scores together.

Coaches Report: I was strange that the two halves were so different as there was no change in conditions and their captain said that any changes they made at half were not for better players. We again had difficulty with the set pieces, we had difficulty at the base of the scrum and stopping the wheel. The lineouts were also as dismal. We improved in that we took fewer penalties (only one - led to a try); thanks Scott. Especially in the first half we did not tackle well in the open and did not communicate with each other. Poor ups. We did have a number of people playing out of position and a player on the other team on our side but our tackling was poor and coverage slow. We need to get to the games and take the warm up seriously and we may be able to surprise a few of these teams.

Players: Mark Hall, Dylan Kinch, Jon Millington, Jeremy Young, Kevin Murphy, Scott Walker, Dean Gibson, Vic Blaney, Jon Jeske, Derrick Weber (C), Bob Mavro, Mike Stuart, Alex Stevenson, Kevin Erb, An Other.

Subs: Nathan Rowbottom came on for the last 10 min for Kevin M.

Man of the match : Mike Stuart for his two tries but honourable mention to Jon Jeske for his hard work along with Vic Blaney.

Other teams choice: Vic Blaney
Our choice: their 10, along with their 9

Next week we need to get everyone to Kent and make a game of it. Kent has not seen how well we can play.

Season Scorers:

Derrick Weber: 1 T, 4 C 13 points
Alex Stevenson: 2 T 10 points
Mike Stuart: 2 T 10 points
Dylan Kinch: 2 P 6 points

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