Friday, August 15, 2014

Wilmot away

Grimsby Gentlemen  26 (4 tries: good) Wilmot Warthogs 59 (9 tries: bad)


Venue: Waterloo Oxford High School.(somewhere between Waterloo and Stratford) at 2:15 p.m.

Referee: ? (There was an announced shortage of refs on Saturday)

Attendance. ? (There was an announced shortage of supporters on Saturday)
Weather.  Mid twentiies, partially cloudy

Team:  1. Ross Matheson (c), 2. Brendan Sculland(60 min) 3. Jon Millington,  4.Jeremy Young , 5. Martin Van Den Hurk 6. Adam Meehan (20 min) , 7. Nick Lord, 8. Mark Woodward, 9. Dillon Trimble, 10. Martin Colyn, 11. Will George (Sassy), 12. Vic Blaney, 13. Chris Fothergill , 14. James Vienneau 15. Jamie Farrell , 16. Dirk Reichow (60 min)

Game:  I missed the game so any information is actually hearsay and probably made up.  I was with the Niagara Rugby Union under 17 sevens teams at the Ontario Summer Games in Windsor ( I am the director of representative teams for the NRU).  After a Friday in which all four team (boys and girls, A and B, ) went undefeated, the finals on Saturday led to a Gold and Bronze for the girls and a Gold and fourth place for the boys.  (last year at the interbranch, the NRU got one silver by the boys).  The tie in to Beamsville  High School is that Annie Berg would have made the girl's team but made the Ontario team instead and Dakota Unrau who made the boy's squad but could not go to the tournament due to work. 

Anyway back in Wilmot, there was a slow start as usual and we did not score until near the end of the first half when Martin touched down.  The conversion was missed. 

Half time score: 1 try by Grimsby and 4 or 5 by Wilmot

At about 56 minutes Martin got a yellow for a little hockey but we scored at 60 minutes when Nick made a run and fed to Dillon (tenth try this season).  Dillon made the conversion.   At 65 minutes a long run by Vic led to a try and which Vic converted himself. At the end of the game a tripping penalty on Martin gave us  a penalty try which Vic also converted.  

Final Score:  Grimsby Gentlemen 26: Wilmot Warthogs 59

Congratulations to the Canadian Women's team who made it to the final of the world cup by defeating France by 18 to 16.  Canada was up 11 to 6 early in the second half but France had a scrum on Canada's 5 meter line.  A great push by the Canadian left side caused a steal and Canada were off running the  ball out of their end.  A pass to the very fast Magali Harvey send her flying down the wing and with a Milliesque head fake on the fullback and she was gone.  Harvey is short listed for the IRB Womens Player of the Year. 
Canada plays England for the championship on Sunday.

Another player learning from the master was Dillion who after a difficult post-game reception and while observing a poker game on TV said:  "Poker - that's just like playing cards!".  Milli you will live forever in the young men and women of this nation. 

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