Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Guelph away

 Grimsby Gentlemen 12: Guelph Redcoats 69

Venue: Exhibition Park, Guelph (not the turf field under lights at the University like last year)

Weather:  overcast, a little rainy about 25 degrees

Referee: Peter Darbishire  (did well and we are hard on refs)

Attendance:  not many (probably a good thing - no witnesses so I can lie)

Team:: 1. Nick Lord, 2. Ross Matheson(C), 3. Jon Millington, 4.Jeremy Young (40 min), 5. Adam Meehan , 6. Brendan Sculland(60 min), 7. Bob Mavro, 8. Alex Easton, 9. Dillon Trimble, 10. Martin Colyn, 11. Will George, 12. Vic Blaney, 13. Chris Fothergill (60 min), 14. T.J.(70 min), 15. Jake D'Achille, 16. James Vienneau (40 min), 17. Colin Comfort (40 min), 18. Dirk Reichow (10 min).

Game:  It was probably a record loss for us (at least since records have been kept).  We lost to Waterloo (their Cambridge team) 66 - 10 on June 5th 2010 the difference being 56 points compared to the 57 last Saturday.  There was a game against Hamilton seconds in Hamilton on July 7, 2012 which was pretty big but I did not record the score because I didn't want to (Hamilton firsts were not playing that day).  I have it on tape and could find out but that would mean I would have to watch the whole game again.

Anyway, I missed the first half trying to get through Toronto  from camping near Peterborough.  It seems like I missed a lot of good rugby by the Redcoats.  They seemed to have a team who have a lot of players who play together for the University. I hear we started slow and got slower.

Half time score Grimsby Gentlemen 0: Guelph Redcoats 40

The second 40 min seemed to go a little better although Guelph scored off the first series of plays and then scored fairly quickly again after that.  At about 55 minutes with some strong forward work and keeping possession, Dillon scored to put us on the board.  We continued to have trouble containing Guelph. We missed a lot of tackles by not being aggressive enough which allowed them to continue to score pretty regularly. Near the end, Martin made a strong run (hard line back towards the ruck) off a breakdown and broke through their defense to score under the posts.  Dillon converted to complete our scoring.

Dillion scoring his 8th try of the season
T.J. getting down to Guelph's five meter
We did well in our lineouts

Martin making a break

And Chris Aston scoring
Vic was selected as man of the match as he had some good runs and did a lot of tackling.  Great tackling was also done by our fullback Jake D'Achille.
So back to the practice field and at least we are not St. Catharines (who we play this weekend) so stay tuned.

Sometime in the last few days we passed 20,000 hits on the blog since it started in Nov 2008.

 Bonus: Fourth of the series:   Tats of the team

Added Bonus: Pictures of two former presidents of the Grimsby Gentlemen in its early years.
First President of the Gentlemen way back in 1977, Bob Hepburn
Scott Nicolson (now lives in Nova Scotia) 
As an added added bonus you get some camping pixs

Granddaughter Alexis

24th year of camping

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