Thursday, December 12, 2013

Poroporoaki Dean

We would like to thank Dean for playing for us for the last couple of years, it has been thrilling to have a real New Zealander on the team (he made us seem more international and in touch with real rugby) and we wish he and Tara all the best in Aukland.  Dean is smilling because he will miss winter this year even though Auckland does not have real winters (it gets a little chilly at night in July and August - although it does rain a lot).
The thing in  my hand is a Canadian boomerange (given to Dean by Nick Lord so his son remembers he is Canadian) only early Canadians found they could not throw it so it would come back and they attached a long handle and essentially use it to club things.
 Now our only other jumper is Bob whom we now have on a diet so we can lift him. 

This is Dean with Les the owner of the pub which would like to sponsor us this year.  It is called Rickochez when you want to think of an elegant French establishment or you can call it Rick O'Shay if you want and Irish evening.  It will also answer to Nathan's (except we were unwelcome there) and to the Depot Pub if you are old-school.
A couple pictures of Dean in action (in our home and away uniforms).

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