Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Strip

Above is our first picture with our new shirts and shorts.  The last strip lasted about six years and was just about done although we owed it nothing.  The new strip was made possible by two new sponsors Profast and JJ Cores.  Profast of Hamilton is owned by John Millington and will provide you with all your fastner needs and JJ Cores of Stoney Creek deals in auto parts and is represented by Brandon Nytschyk..

Thanks to our sponsors.

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Profast in Hamilton on King Street

JJ Cores in Stoney Creek on Commerce Court

Also we would like to thank Rickochez, a new pub in Grimsby where the old Depot pub was,  for donating an used cooler to replace the tiring Pepsi cooler from Happy One Stop that we got about the same time as the last set of shirts. It is ironic (I think) that we have the cooler from the pub that we have been banned from (Greorge would be spinning in his grave, if he were dead).

This is goodbye to the old cooler which served us so well.(untill near the end). Although I once thought the cooler and the shirts would last longer than me. 

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