Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Week IV: Norfolk Harvesters away

Grimsby Gentlemen 10: Norfolk Harvesters 32

Venue: Hellyer Memorial Park in Waterford (Dean found Cockshutt Road funny: As if they don't have a place in New Zealand called Whakarewarewa - and the Wha is is pronounced fhu)

Referee: Richard Cook** (had a real English accent ((or a good fake)) so must have been good

Weather: Warmish with humidity (about 30 degrees)

Attendance:  Few supporters - probably could not find Cockshutt Road


1. Jeremy Young, (70 min) 2. Brendan Sculland, 3. Jon Millington (70 min) 4. Dirk Reichow (55 min) , 5. Bob Mavro, 6. Adam Godfrey, 7. Dean Crozier, 8.  Kyle Wilson 9. Derrick Weber(C) (40 min) 10. Martin Colyn,  11. Iamie Farrell (first game for Grimsby- 60 min) 12. Vic Blaney, 13.Nick Limeaux 14. James Vinneau 15. Pat Brown 16. Nick Lord  (20 min) 17. Martin Van Den Hurk : it was a homecoming for Martin (15  min) 17. Adam Amirault (20 min at lock), 19 Drew Rebed (first game ever - 15 min)

Jamie - first Grimsby game (played for Grimsby High School this year) and first rugby upper body injury but played really well for 60 min

Drew: first rugby game ever - well done

                     Adam: second game ever but I didn't have this camera last week                               Good luck on your 10 k  Peach Bud run this week. 
We would also like to welcome back Pat for his first game this year (last year's rookie of the year) as he was on an adventure to Baniff and Canmore where he got out just before the floods. 

Norfolk managed to break our line and with weak tackling they scored tries at 5 min., 20 min., and 38 min (although none were converted).  In between their scoring tries we seemed to spend a lot of time in their half  but could not score.  At one point a hockey game broke out but saner heads prevailed and no one was sent off and the game calmed down.  Unfortunately we lost our captain, Derrick with an upper body injury (4 stitches) and a lower body injury.  Right at half time, Martin ran over for a try in the corner.

Half time score: Grimsby Gentlemen 5: Norfolk Harvesters 15

Second half, first blood went to the Harvesters with a try at 5 min but we came back with Vic scoring at about 10 min however with a lower body injury to Dirk and an upper body injury to Jamie and a whole body injury to Milli we had difficulty sustaining an attack.  Norfolk scored twice more in the half.

Final Score Grimsby Gentlemen 10: Norfolk Harvesters 32

We seemed a bit sluggish and had difficulty in the scrums (especially the first half) and lineouts but generally played well in defense (if six tries against is playing well).  

Good games by Nick to fill in at scrum half and by our new player on the wing Jamie.  Pat kept annoying the opposition by running most of the kicks back and being difficult to take down.  Next time. 

The sign of a good photographer is making sure he has enough space on his card to hold more pictures or have another card with him, which is why I don't have many pictures.

Sorry to the Harvesters that a lot of players did not go back, I had to take a car full back to Grimsby and another car went to Hagersville Hospital to get stitches.  The were relatively quick (a little over an hour) but don't try (to get in quickly) the concussed rugby player from Grimsby at Hagersville any more (it only works once).

I thought it would take us six people to lift the scrum sled into the back of the truck but these three did it (Nick, Ryan and Martin) by themselves - I held the camera. 

Vic took it off himself.

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