Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Classic 2010

It was the pre-Olympic, 2010 New's Year's Touch Classic, live, on ice and in 3-D.
This years game started at 1:00 (1:30 Grimsby time) and the weather was good with the ground frozen and a dusting of snow. We are starting a campaign to get rugby also admitted to the Winter Olympics.

FR: Rick K., Bill S., Ross M., Ian M., Mark B., Ross Mc., Mike S.

BR: Derrick W., Jon J., Jon M., Bob M., Jeremy Y., Kyle W., Craig E., Alex E.

Milli was in mid season form

Bob, Kyle, Ross and Evi

Jeremy passes to Alex

Mike makes a break

Rick has nice form while Mark awaits pass

Mike intercepts pass thrown by Ross while Kyle gives moral support

Bill tries to make a break between two defenders

The winning try by Derrick

Jon Millington gets the Mavro award for his chilli.

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