Sunday, August 9, 2009

Highland Away

Grimsby Gentlemen 12: Highland 54

Referee: Jeff Dahl

Weather: Soft day with light drizzle towards the second half. About 22 degrees

Attendance: 13 players, 1 coach, 1 rabid supporter (Jamie) and a bunch from the other team.

Presidents Report: Highland agreed to give us two players but only after they were sure of beating us. Even with thirteen, it took them thirty minutes to get four tries and the bonus point. We helped them score in the first five minutes with a hands in penalty on the 20 m line, they took a quick tap and we could have been called not 10, but in the ensuing ruck we did not roll away and they again took a quick tap and scored and we got a talking penalty. Oh My God! We got better but Highland scored again at 10 minutes with a ruck at 10 m from our line and our flat line was ball watching and not covering the players. Their winger eventually scored on the other side, a problem with being short-handed. They scored again at 20 min and at 30 min. At this point, they offered us a player to give us fourteen but our Australian friend hurt his leg covering a kick deep in our end and they scored off that play at 36 min. Back to 2 players down, but we pressured them after the kick off and Alex Millar (playing as lock) put the ball down at 39 min.

Half time score; Grimsby Gentlemen 5: Highland 35

Highland gave us a couple more players and Colin (and if you try to make me do a Zulu you will get a taser and a night stick stuck up your ass as far as it will go and you will get a parking ticket every day of your life, but don't worry you may not live long) Maisonneuve scored at 47 min with Dylan converting. However, Highland did not seem worried and scored again at 52 min, 54 min and at 39 min.

Full time score: Grimsby Gentlemen 12: Highland 54

We went back to the Goofy Newfie (they are still working on their clubhouse) and they were generous with food and beer. Thanks Highland.

Team: Colin Maisonneuve, Dylan Kinch, Jon Millington, Dean Gibson, Alex Millar,Matt the Australian footie player, Bob Mavro, no one, Jon Jeske, Derrick Weber, Scott Walker, Mike Stuart, Alex Stevenson, blank, Frank Shilte.

Coaches Report

It is difficult to criticize when we do not have good practices or enough players but we did well in the scrums considering we were down players and all right in the lineouts with different players in different positions. We still need to improve fitness which everone can do on their own and be more mentally prepared for the game itself. Individually, a number of prople did well. Colin played in his first complete game at loose head and was competitive. Dylan did very well on the penalty punts. Derrick was all over and we welcomed Frank back after a long time. Congratulations to the team for playing hard right to the end.

From under the Willow

It was certainly better than not playing.

We need more fitness and more players willing to travel.

We need to train more in beer chugging.

Coaches Man of the Match Colin Maisonneuve (good job at loose head, around the field, scored)

Their Pick: Mike Stuart for his couple of long runs and his drinking ability (they claim have already picked him for next week)

We picked their lock (the one who outran Webs for a try)

Highland next week at home. Kids day at 10:00 to noon.

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