Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mid Season Review

At the start of the season (April) it was possible we may not have a team this year as we did not seem to have enough players committed. Also several players indicated that as we moved up a division to Niagara A and would have to travel more, they were not interested in playing or would only play home games. Therefore it is a struggle getting fifteen each week and we are now recognized as one of those teams that do not travel well. We did get 25 players registered with a number of new players and one would think that we should have enough dedication to get at least fifteen each week, home or away. We welcomed seven new players: Jon Jeske, Colin Maisonneuve, Jemie Scully, Chris Sears, Alex Stevenson, Jeremy Young with Nathan Rowbottom from Waterloo playing 5 of the 7 games. We also welcomed back most of Dean Gibson (but not all).

However, we also have had significant injuries, Stuart English played only 5 min of the first game, Kyle Wilson has only played in two games and Scott Walker (all the way from London) has only played in one game due to injury and distance. Craig Evans, Chris Sears, Colin Maisonneuve, Ely Raddick have missed many games through work. A number of others have been injured, sick or working. This has meant that we have been short for every away game and have had few substitutions in home games. And because there are fewer people available, we have less at practice to go over our skills and game plans and we are less efficient on the field.

We have a 2 and 5 record (one being a default: we played but borrowed two players), but it could have been 3 and 4 with the close last minute loss in Kent. On the good side, we have won 2 games and have been competitive (made a game of it in our losses)in every game. We have scored 109 points (thanks Stratford) for an average of 15.6 points per game and have had 133 scored upon us for an average of 22.2 per game. Congratulations to Derrick Weber in his first season as captain and in a new position at #10. He has done well during difficult times. With a few more players (a couple of Americans we hope) and some recovering from injury we should be able to show the teams that we belong in this league.

Scoring after 7 games

Dylan: 4 P, 4 C (20 pts)
Alex S: 4 T (20 pts)
Mike S: 4 T (20 pts)
Derrick W: 1 T, 5 C (15 pts)
Joel L: 2 T (10 pts)
Kyle W: 1 T (5 pts)
Jon J: 1 T (5 pts)
Jon M: 1 T (5 pts)
Frank S: 1 T (5 pts)

I know this adds up to 105 but I am not sure why.

Skills competition results

Closest to the bag(kick 25 m): Andy Breuls
scrumhalf pass: Jon Jeske
Drop Kick (20 m): Dylan Kinch
Longest Kick: Andy Breuls (50 m)
Placekicks: Andy Breuls (6/8)
Fastest 250m: Jon Jeske and Alex Stevenson (38s)

Man of the match competition:(coaches and opposition picks)

Three votes: Alex Stevenson
Two votes: Jon Jeske, Vic Blaney, Mike Stuart
One vote: Kyle Wilson, Sean Padulo, Joel Leonard, Derrick Weber

Bob Mavro has attended the most practices since April 2 (20/23). Only Bob, Mark Hall, and Jeremy Young have played in every league game and Bob also went to Rochester.

My statistics may be wrong, please sign in and correct me.

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