Monday, September 1, 2014

Norfolk at Home (last league game of 2014)

Grimsby Gentlemen 10: Norfolk Harvesters 24

Venue: Alway Field

Referee:  Ian Stewart (I guess we were lucky to even have a ref as on Wednesday they were saying that there were no refs to work our game).  Thanks Ian (also for ignoring the offsides).

Weather:  21 degrees with a bit of a wind from the North.

Sponsors: Thanks Steamwhistle, JJ Cores and Profast.

 Attendance:: A bit disappointing considering it was Fan Appreciation Day with free entry and parking but that is perhaps the fickle nature of our supporters (it was not a winning season). Those who did show (less than 500) saw a hard hitting, entertaining game that was very close until the last 20 minutes.
some of our supporters

Former president Chris Atkinson discussing Ross with Mr. and Mrs. Matheson

Team: 1. Ross Matheson, 2. Brendan Sculland3. Jon Millington, 4.Adam Meehan, 5. Martin Van Der Hurk (60 min : replacement), 6. Nick Lord, 7. Chris Fothergill, 8. Mark Woodgate, 9. Dillon Trimble, 10. Derek Weber(C), 11. Will George, 12. Vic Blaney (60 min: injury), 13. Martin Colyn, 14. Jake D'Achille (60 min: injury), 15. Jamie Farrell, 16. James Vienneau (20 min), 17. Nick Lemieux (20 min), 18. Dirk Reichow (25 min).

injured: Alex Easton, 
away (Vegas - but not together):  Bob Mavro, Kyle Wilson
wedding: Jeremy Young
working: Sam Berg, Colin Comfort
not sure (call home): Alex Millar, Pat Brown

Game: The Harvesters were in first place in the league and needed a win today to maintain first place. Grimsby was looking to spoil and stay in 6th place ahead of Waterloo and St. Kitts. The Gentlemen took the lead after about 3 minutes with Dillion hitting for a three from about thirty meters.  We had withstood a lot of pressure from Norfolk from our opening kickoff and with the help of a couple of penalties got the ball down the field for Dillion's kick.  About three minutes later a similar kick bounced off the right goal post.  Norfolk were playing hard (but not well) and had a great scrum which pushed us off our ball and disrupted our play repeatedly. We played most of the half in our end and at about twenty-five minutes, our scrum was pushed back into the endzone and they fell on the loose ball.

Half time score:  Grimsby Gentlemen 3: Norfolk Harvesters 5

Opening the second half we put the pressure to them which eventually led to a penalty just to the right of the posts and playing dangerously, kicked for the lineout at the five instead of a sure penalty.  The drive at the front collapsed fairly quickly but with the ball out to Webs, a dummy switch to Vic and a pop to Martin, who really had to stretch,  we scored. Dillon converted and we were firmly in the lead.  The next twenty were pretty even until Norfolk broke through on the edge and scored an unconverted try to tie up the game. Norfolk kept up the pressure and managed to score two tries in the middle to take and keep the lead.  They deserved the game but maybe not the bonus point.


Congratulations to the Norfolk team (8 -2)  for a successful season winning the "C" division championship by two points over Wilmot and 3 over Stratford.  Grimsby (3-7)  came 6th ahead of Waterloo IV (who had an enhanced team when we played them) and St. Catharines.

Mark (Kiwi) was selected man of the match (Vic stood in for him) by Norfolk but a special mention goes to Chris a player who played in the forwards for the first time ever but looked like an experienced pack player by catching lineout ball and putting a lot of pressure on the opposition.
Mark coming down with the ball

Vic doing Mark's job (who knew the guy on the right was a pro)

Chris securing a well caught ball
Norfolk kept Dillon from scoring a try but he got a penalty and convert for 5 of our points. This would be only the third game this year he did not score a try, having scored 10 in 9 games and along with kicks scored 81 points this season.  A new club record (for as long as records have been kept)  for tries and points in a season.

Dillon adding a couple of points to his total. 
Hopefully some games will happen in the fall but all the best to the players going on to play at college and university.  Jake is at Trent, Will is at Humber, possibly Sam at McMaster and Chris is at Mohawk along with Ross, Dillon and myself who are coaching at Mohawk.  Jamie is at UBC but too busy to be playing rugby.  Overall it was a fun season and although we lost by some large scores we did not get depressed and angry with each other for it.  Thanks to Ross for making the huge effort to be a most practices and help with the coaching.
Anyone recognize this guy found at a flag rugby tournament?

This visitor said she would park her brand new 5 day old Toyota away from the clubhouse so it would not get scratched. 

Being male is a 
matter of birth, being 
a man is a matter of age, 
being a Gentleman is a 
matter of choice.