Sunday, January 12, 2014

The annual New Years Day recovery touch game and chilli contest for 2014.

A peaceful snow covered morning (actually early afternoon) before the game and not as bright as last year (fortunately).  Actually the temperature was cold -6 C. 

Some of the action:

If I had to run for my life, I would die. 

A discussion about lines of touch and if this try was scored out of bounds (Franky wins)

The 2014 group after (only one in shorts this year)
The most important part of the day is the chilli contest and thanks to the following members (Brendan, Jennifer, Nick with Paul in the back row) who entered.  Some stayed up all night working on it (or perhaps they were just drinking all night).  Winner for the second year in a row was Nick Lord (holding the Bob Mavrothalassitis over-eating trophy). 

We had an inaugural meeting with four girls ( Chanel, Stephanie, Mary and Kendra) representing a number of girls (25) who want to re-establish  the Grimsby Ladies Rugby Football Club.  About twenty years ago Grimsby had one of the first women's teams in the NRU but it died out after a number of years.   We are all looking forward to this addition to the rugby landscape in Grimsby. 

And congratulations to long time member Bob and his new wife Vanessa who got married on Dec 28th.  It was a real traditional Greek wedding (in Greek) with a wonderful reception including lots of food and dancing and smashing plates on the floor. 

Kyle soon turned it into a Scottish wedding by smashing the plates on people's heads (the plates were harder than the heads). "I thought they were break-away plates",  said Kyle, after the third hit.  

The blog was looked at by 5 557 times in 2013 which was an increase of 50 hits over 2012.  Out total number of hits over 5 years is 16 694.  This year our post about the new strip was looked at 60 times.